Hazet 163-31/27 Tool Set, 27 Pieces
Hazet 163-31/27 Tool Set, 27 Pieces
Hazet 163-31/27 Tool Set, 27 Pieces

Hazet 163-31/27 Tool Set, 27 Pieces

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  • HAZET Safety-Insert-System (SIS)
  • Output: Cross recess profile PH, Slot profile, Inside TORX® profile
  • Dimensions / length: 519 mm x 342 mm
  • Perfect order system - all tools are snugly embedded
  • Fast, integrated completeness check – missing tools are noticed immediately
Hazet 163-31/27 Tool Set, 27 Pieces
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Hazet 163-31/27 Tool Set, 27 Pieces

General Information
Part Number
Product Type
Tool Set
What's Included
Flat chisel: 730-3, 730-6
Center punch: 746-1
Drift pin: 748B-3, 748B-4, 748B-5, 748B-6
Universal pliers: 760-2
Screwdriver: 801K-55, 801K-PH2
Trinamic screwdriver: 803-25, 803-30, 803-35, 803-40, 803-65, 803-80, 803-PH1, 803-PH2, 803-T10, 803-T15, 803-T20, 803-T25, 803-T30
Heavy-duty diagonal cutters: 1802M-22
Snipe nose pliers: 1841MB-33
Combination pliers: 1850M-22
BluGuard Engineer's hammer: 2140-50
Soft foam insert 163-31L
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
3.24 kg
7.14 lb
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About manufacturer
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Hazet Tools are indeed some of the best tools made today, and they have a long tradition of excellence to back them up. Hazet got started in 1868 in Remscheid, Germany making parts for construction, lawnmowers and locks. Hazet has since grown and earned their reputation as the leader in manufacturing automotive tools, pioneering tools specifically made for cars as early as 1913. They further solidified their reputation in automotive tools by developing and making the tool for the iconic Volkswagen Beetles and Porsche 356. Hazet Tools and automotive work are the perfect match!