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Knipex 00 21 50 LE Modular X18 Tool Backpack
The Knipex 00 21 50 LE Modular X18 Tool Backpack is an essential tool for professionals. It can easily store up to 33 lbs. of tools, with 21 retaining loops and 37 pockets, plus a removable tool board and padded back for comfort. Plus, its waterproof molded bottom is 2.4" high, providing a secure upright position. Lastly, a patented magnetic FIDLOCK® connector ensures an even weight distribution and secure closure with one-handed operation.
Klein Tools Outlet Repair Kit with Voltage Tester, Wire Stripper, and Stubby Multi-bit Screwdriver, 3 Pc.
A bundle made just for electricians. This kit contains the essentials from Klein Tools, including the NCVT1P Voltage Tester, K11095 Wire Stripper, and the 32308 Multi-bit Stubby Driver. Whether you're putting together your first tool set, or looking to refresh your seasoned bag, you'll find convenience and savings by grabbing this bundle.
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Klein Tools - 94155 - on sale!
American Legacy Cutter & Plier Set