About Us

With a drive for continuous innovation and improvement, quality and German tools are practically synonymous. This is why brands such as Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Felo and Gedore are as successful and sought after as they are. If you’re looking for game changing tools made by longtime industry leaders, you’ll find it at Haus of Tools. We carry these brands with pride because they are some of the best tools that are made.

As the largest distributor of German tools in the Los Angeles area, our selection of inventory is bound to have just about any tool you could possibly need. And if we don’t have it, we can help you get it. Our unique relationship with the manufacturers we work with gives us access to get the tools you need, when you need them. We believe that our specific focus on German tools and our relationships with these manufacturers gives us the industry knowledge to be your resource for superior tools and this focus puts us far beyond the big box stores. We're even working with Tool Junkies to get their unique perspectives on various tools!

Although our focus has been on German tools, our knowledge of the industry and standards for quality have driven us to look at brands from other European Countries, the U.S. and more that have the same rigorous standards for quality that Germany has established. German manufacturing has set a high standard, and few can measure up to it, but those who do will find their place at Haus of Tools. 

We look forward to bringing only the best tools to you!