An Introduction to Bondhus Tools

Many brands of high quality tools are often overlooked or ignored in favor of a cheap tool from a big box store or just a random grab off the shelf for the cheapest thing to get one job done. In this rush to cheap out and chump out, you might have overlooked Bondhus Tools, a “Made in the USA” original with a high focus on solid tools and useful features, not cheap cost savings and gimmicks. Bondhus is one of the few tool companies who believe so much in their quality that they offer probably the most generous lifetime warranty ever. It would be surprising though if this warranty was even needed.

Bondhus started out in 1964 when John Bondhus began to manufacture his original invention, the Balldriver® ball end hex driver. Bondhus knew the importance of making high quality tools, his background in making tools and dies gave him firsthand knowledge of how important quality is when making tools. Bondhus was known to have a strong dislike for tools that were inferior and made it a corporate value that usability would not be sacrificed to save costs. In short, Bondhus Tools are basically made by tool users for tool users. This uncompromising view of quality has made Bondhus world famous, their tools can be found on all seven continents and are used by everyone from musicians to mechanics and beyond.

Bondhus is best known for hex drivers and particularly their ball end hex driver, hex drivers and Gorilla Grip tools. The advantage of a ball end hex is that the ball end makes it easier to get into the hole and can help with accessibility in spots that you can’t see or get to easily. The ball end also allows you to turn the hex screw at an angle if needed. The Toolguyd Blog breaks down the pros and cons of ball end and straight end hexes, both of which Bondhus make. The Gorilla Grip is another unique Bondhus product that has several various hex and Torx keys on one tool that folds up nicely and fits in a pocket and is an easy way to carry a lot of hex keys without much hassle.

If you’re looking for tools made in America with an intense focus on quality and useful features, Bondhus is it. Give them a try, you’ll be impressed with how tough they are.

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