An Introduction to CLC Work Gear


Having high quality tools and gear is key to being successful on the job. You need reliable, high quality tools to finish your job. Of course, when you’re not using your tools or if you need to move or wear them around on the job, you need ways to do that. That’s where CLC Work Gear comes in. For nearly 40 years, CLC Work Gear has been making highly durable, no frills, yet fully functional tool storage/transport products and much more, all at affordable prices.

Probably our bestselling CLC products are tool belts and holders. CLC makes a good variety of these, they make two different styles of Framer’s Combo tool belts, there’s also 19 different varieties/combinations of electrician, carpenter and other tool aprons/belts, all of which are excellent choices for carrying larger tools. For smaller tools, you can grab some of their nail and tool bags. With 17 different pouches to choose from, there’s something for drywallers, electricians, handymen and any other person with a tool belt. This selection is also complemented by 27 different tool holders for everything from knives to drills to tape holders. In addition to those, there are a few different canvas bags, dedicated tool bags and backpacks to use for transport of your tools as well.

One of the other great things about CLC Work Gear is that they also make protective gear. In addition to your standard types of work gloves, they also make an impressive selection of kneepads. Each of their kneepads are specially designed for maximum comfort on jobs that require kneeling. CLC kneepads can be found made of leather, rubber, with extra padding, with foam, with gel, and with swivel kneepads. Not every kneepad works for every person for every job, but if you know what kind you like and what work for a given job, you’ll have plenty of choices. You’ll easily find a set for your needs.

Lastly, CLC makes gear that’s perfect to keep you dry in the rain. Their R200 slush/rain boots have been popular and are made extra-large to be worn over your normal shoe or boot. They’ve also got rain coats, ponchos and rain suits. If you need to work in the rain CLC Work Gear will keep you dry!

CLC Work Gear has been around for nearly 40 years and their accessories help tradesmen do their jobs with protection and with convenient storage and transport options. We’re proud to carry their products as they make accessories that are not only functional, but reliable as well. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you probably recognize the name, and if you’re new to being a handyman, CLC Work Gear is ready to work with you in your new career. In the future, we’ll be showcasing specific CLC Work Gear products, so sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to learn about new content!


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