An Introduction to Gedore Tools

For 100 years, Gedore Tools has been a name associated with quality German tools. Their story is a familiar one in the world of German tools, Gedore started from a small forge operated by German toolmaker Otto Dowidat in 1919. Dowidat expanded the reach of Gedore to a global brand after decades focused on making the best quality tools possible. This quality helped the brand grow through word of mouth and their reputation for superior tools. Gedore’s impressive quality and use of toolmaking specialists helped this brand grow and expand until today when Gedore is one of the market leaders of German tools.  

Gedore is known for their conventional hand tools which includes screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, sockets bits and torque tools. These tools are excellent for use at home for the tool aficionado or the professional working in a garage or other handyman roles. Their reach extends further though with a range of super specialized tools like torque tools for heat exchangers, all of which we can special order should the need arise. With Gedore’s hand tools, they’re incredibly solid, made from special vanadium steel and designed to tackle the specific jobs they were made to do. Gedore tools are tools that professionals rely on and they can be trusted to get that job done. If that wasn’t enough, Gedore has also expanded their selection and secured centuries worth of toolmaking expertise from their acquisition of Ochsenkopf, a brand recognized fof their axes and forestry equipment.

Like many German toolmakers, Gedore has grown from humble beginnings with a focus on quality. This focus allowed them to slowly grow into a global enterprise, an enterprise that has been getting much more publicity in the last decade or so. The variety and quality of Gedore Tools is what led them to be featured here at Haus of Tools, they’re a brand we’re proud to sell. To learn more about specific Gedore Tools, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the screen to find out more!

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