An Introduction to Hazet Tools



Hazet tools is located in the same area as Gedore Tools, which is in Remscheid, Germany. Like their spiritual cousin Gedore, Hazet is well known for their quality tools and German manufacture. Hazet got their start in 1868 with Hermann Zerver, who, in the German tradition, lent the first letters of his two names to create the name “Hazet.” Hazet has always maintained high quality standards as evidenced by the fact that they are now down to the 5th generation operating as a family-owned business. Hazet’s been around for a while, and there’s no sign that they’re leaving any time soon.

Hazet operates four primary production plants, all of which are at the forefront of innovative tool production. Plants 1, 3 and 4 are located in or around Remscheid, Plant 1 being the most advanced. Plant 3 houses one of the most advanced computer run powder systems which is key for application of the powder coats on their tools. They’ve also got a welding robot and laser cutting system in case you thought they weren’t modern enough. Plant 4 is where all the high-precision torque wrenches are made and calibrated. Plant 2, in Heinsberg, serves as their logistics hub. Basically, they’re at the forefront of toolmaking and this has made them one of the industry leaders. As a result, they’ve won multiple awards for their efforts, including the “Best Brand Award” presented by Motorrad magazine 12 times in a row.

Here at Haus of Tools, we’re carrying everything you would expect in terms of hand tools:  drivers of all types, spanners, sockets and ratchets, pliers, hammers, and bits. We’re also carrying torque tools, including testers and various accessories, pneumatic tools, as well as other Hazet products for safety, lighting and diagnostic tools. Whatever we’re not carrying, we’ll work closely with you to get any obscure and hard to get tools that you need for your job. As we move forward expanding our selection of Hazet we’ll be highlighting specific products to showcase their unique advantages. Be sure to keep checking our blog and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the screen to find out more!

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