An Introduction to Klein Heritage Cutlery

Buying American is always a great thing to do, it helps the economy, keeps jobs in America and is usually an indicator that the item you’re buying is good quality. You’ll find in many cases, tools made in America are also part of a longer tradition where the quality of the brand led to surprise growth. One such story of success and American quality is that of Heritage Cutlery, which is now part of Klein Tools.

Heritage rubber flashing scissors Heritage Cutlery began its life in 1952 as Expert Cutlery, a company that started with five men making 600 sets of scissors in 28 styles every week. Twenty-six years later in 1978, Expert became Heritage Cutlery and invested in growth and quality improvement with technology like CNC (computer numerical control), machine grinders and precision salt furnaces used for heat-treating. This growth and dedication to quality caught the attention of Klein Tools in 2007 and is now sold as Klein Cutlery, although you will still see “Heritage” marked on many of the cutting tools. Heritage Cutlery now produces 4,500 shears per day, an exponential growth from their 600 per week output back in the 50s.  

All of Klein’s Heritage Cutlery is made by a hammered hot drop forge process, reportedly the best process for making industrial grade tools, thus ensuring the highest possible quality. All blades are given a professional finish after being ground ensuring the cleanest cuts when being used. All heritage cutlery is designed for the best possible ergonomics, hand finished and hand inspected. The hand inspection includes an extensive test for quality and performance.

Heritage cutlery barber scissors These high-quality shears are available for many different tasks from industrial electrician/lineman’s cutting tools, to standard and multi-purpose shears, textile and finally pet grooming, barber and aesthetician use. Heritage also makes sharpening wheels and machines so you keep your scissors in good working order. Affordably priced, Heritage Cutlery is an investment in quality that you can maintain to extend its service life far into the future.

We carry the full line of Klein’s Heritage Cutlery for all uses. In each of the categories there are some shears worth checking out.

For industrial use on the job you have plenty of choices for tough, high quality shears including electrician’s scissors like the Heritage Cutlery 149. This pair of scissors includes a large handle to fit your hands and give you more cutting power. It also has some notches for stripping wires. For use in the automotive industry, the 546C Rubber Flashing scissors is used for trimming the flash off of rubber. These are just a couple styles of industrial scissors we carry, be sure to check for more.

Heritage Klein thread trimmer In the kitchen for high-end home users or professional chefs and cooks you’re going to need some tough cutting tools to prepare meat and cut other tough food items. The Heritage 758BA Break Apart Kitchen Shears are an excellent choice for vegetables and poultry. They feature serration to prevent slipping and come apart for easy cleaning. For venting poultry, the Heritage 758BP Trimmer features a ball tip and has high leverage making cutting barely an inconvenience. Kitchen shears are invaluable tool and once you have a pair, you’ll wonder what you did without them.

If you need some high-quality cutting tools for tailoring and seamstress duties, there are a lot of options for that as well. A couple among the many to look at would be the 405LR Embroidery Scissors and the 104C Embroidery Scissors. The 104C are a rare exception to the made in America standard for Heritage being made in Italy. We also carry several types of threadclip/thread trimmer like the HTC5. There are of course many other Heritage tools that we carry for the garment industry as well as upholstery and carpet installation.

heritage cutlery poultry shearsThe last category of Heritage Shears we carry are made for hair styling and also for pet grooming. For traditional hairstyling, to name just a few, we carry the 7175 Barber Shear, the 755 Styler, and the D42T Thinner among many others. For pets, a couple models are the K910 Pet Grooming Scissors with serrations and the D75 pet grooming scissor. All of these scissors are specially designed for cutting hair and fur and will give you the best possible cut for that purpose.

With this high-level overview Heritage Cutlery you’ll find that this brand is a great way to get yourself some of the best made scissors and shears on the planet. If you need scissors that are reliable, quality made and made in America, this is the Cutlery brand for you. They’re tough, work smoothly and will ensure you can have reliable tools for the jobs you need to do. Should you ever find they need a quick sharpening, we sell Klein’s Heritage sharpening discs and machines as well.

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