An Introduction to Klein Tools

The mission of Klein Tools is to make and market tools that are of such a high quality that they can be used and depended upon by trade professionals. After all, if a tool isn’t dependable, why would you rely on it to get your job done? Really this is just a continuation of the original vision of Matthias Klein, the company founder.

Klein Tools started in America with German immigrant, Matthias Klein who started his toolmaking enterprise by repairing a telegraph lineman’s pliers. Twice. The story goes that a lineman broke his pliers, Klein used his forge to replace the broken half of the tool, then a few days later the lineman returned to replace the other, non-Klein piece. Klein had just manufactured its first pair of pliers. As the telecom industry grew so did Klein’s tool forge, to the point where they make pretty much every kind of tool someone would need, most of them made in America. Klein also stands behind the products they make with a pretty comprehensive warranty.

This dedication to quality is what attracted us to sell this brand at Haus of Tools, where we sell only the best tools available. We know that you rely upon tools to get the job done and that’s why we sell the best tools at the best prices.With Klein we have most of their catalog in stock available with free, 2-day shipping.

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