An Introduction to Meguiar’s

We at Haus of Tools are proud to announce that we now carry the full line of Meguiar’s products! For those unfamiliar, Meguiar’s is known for its high-quality car cleaning products that have a significant presence in auto-body shops and car shows across the world. For over 100 years, this company has defined automotive care and been a constant source of innovation.

Meguiar’s comes from extremely humble beginnings, out of the garage of its founder. In 1901, Frank Meguiar Jr. began making furniture polish one bottle at a time with an eggbeater. Just a few years later, automobiles roared onto the scene and as they grew in popularity, so did the industries around them. These vehicles had wood parts that used the same the same finishes as furniture, which is what caught Meguiar’s attention. He began to focus on producing car wax and the company grew over the following decades, developing a variety of car care products for professional use over that period. Frank Meguiar Jr. passed away in 1950, but by then his sons were overseeing every major facet of the company.

In 1973, the company turned to a retail audience without making any sacrifices in terms of quality. Barry Meguiar, the founder’s grandson, led the charge on this and made the company a household name. Their dedication to excellence brought them to the forefront of the industry, with a visibly superior clean. Their wide assortment of waxeswashespolishes, and finishes mean that every vehicle can attain the “show car” look, earning them the admiration of professionals and hobbyists alike.

Emerging from humble beginnings, Meguiar’s has managed to reach unimaginable heights. Today they have a variety of products and lines dedicated to all sorts of automotive needs. The secret to the company’s success has always been that it’s been run by car enthusiasts and for car enthusiasts. If you want to restore the interior of your vehicle, look no further than the X210400 Detailing Bag. For the exterior, the MT300 Professional DA Polisher provides an unmatched clean. Everything they make is expertly crafted by people who intend to use them, and every refinement made is based on personal experience.

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