An Introduction to Ochsenkopf

Legendary axe maker Ochsenkopf has been making quality axes and forestry equipment since 1781, that’s just a few years after the Decalaration of Independence, which is quite a long time. If anyone can make a niche product for that long, it’s a safe bet that what they’re making is high quality and made for the long haul. An Ochsenkopf axe starts with a sawed off block of C60 tempering steel then gets “heated and beated” through the axe-forming process that has been perfected over literally centuries. Once each axe head has been hardened and honed to the ideal sharpness and durability, they’re mounted on a handle and many are secured with a triple clamp for extra security. Each handle is made from solid woods like ash or the more durable hickory to prevent flying axe head in the rare event of a break. Other tools made by Ochsenkopf come with an aluminum handle that’s crafted for durability. No matter which Ochsenkopf tool you get it’s going to be a solid piece of work backed by centuries of experience and design improvements.

While Ochsenkopf has a niche with axes and forestry equipment, they have a decent variety of options to choose from in those areas. Their axe finder also helps you choose the right tool for each job, so once you find what you need, get in touch with us to place an order. Ochsenkopf’s forestry axes are mostly comprised of the Iltis series, the Universal Gold or the Rotband axes, all of which have their own advantages for felling and splitting. They also have a few different splitting hammers for that specific task as well. If forestry axes weren’t enough, there’s also competition/throwing axes which are perfectly balanced and crafted for optimum precision in axe throwing contests. Huzzah!

For other forestry and lumbering needs, they make a few different styles of hookeroon with wood or metal handles. Each style is designed with unique features, the Ox 171 E for example, is designed with extra teeth for more gripping power on frozen wood. The Ox 172 SCH, on the other hand, has an extra cutting edge which essentially makes this a 2-in-1 tool. Ochsenkopf also makes high quality bark spuds to remove tree bark, felling levers, tongs, turning hooks, slashing hooks and more. If you work as a lumberjack, or just harvest and split wood at the cabin or as an independent landscaper, these tools made by Ochsenkopf will ensure you always have a tool on hand to do the job.

Ochsenkopf axes and other tools are one of our favorite brands. They were acquired by Gedore Tools in 2004, and Gedore is another brand that we love. We’ll be looking at Gedore soon as well. For updates, news and deals, be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the screen to find out more!!



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