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With so many excellent toolmakers out there, it’s somewhat difficult to find a way to stand out with distinction. One way to do so is to find the right niche and another way is to make high quality tools, Platinum Tools has done both. Platinum Tools makes some of the best hand tools and they’ve carved out their niche by making tools that specialize in networking, low voltage wiring, cabling, A/V. One of their claims to fame is that they invented the EZ connectors which makes terminating RJ45s, Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables extremely easy, taking frustration and self-injury out of the equation. Certainly an improvement over how things used to be done. Over the course of their 20 year history, Platinum Tools has definitely earned their place in the industry.

Platinum Tools not only makes great products, they also have helpful resources on their site. They have videos about how to crimp RJ45s with their ezEX-RJ45 Connector and many other topics that will help teach you the proper use of their tools. It’s a great way to get up to speed on tools that may be new for you or your team. They have other resources including Tips & Tricks, white papers and product selectors which help choose the right connector and a chart to compare the different cable and network testers. They really want to ensure that everybody gets the right tools for the job. These resources are there to help you navigate the possibly overwhelming choices of connectors, crimpers, testers, cutters, strippers and much more. After all, what’s the point of making great tools if you don’t get the right ones or know how to use them.

Platinum Tools’ wide range of products and the quality of their tools were one of the things that picqued our interest in them. What made the choice to carry their tools easier was that their quality was backed by their willingness to stand behind their products with technical support and their warranty. We’re proud to sell a very specialized set of tools from a manufacturer known for networking and low voltage. We’ll be covering specific products here and there, so to get the latest, be sure to sign up for our newsletter down below.

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