Are Knipex Pliers Worth it?

Knipex Cobra pliersKnipex pliers are widely recognized by tool users as one of the best brands out there. They’re also recognized as one of the higher priced options and since there are other brands, each with their own good reputation, it begs the question, are Knipex pliers worth the extra costs? As with any tool it’s a good idea to buy the best tool that you can, but it’s also important to make sure you are getting a good a value for the tool you are buying. So, what sets Knipex pliers apart from the rest? Are they a good value for what you get?

Knipex Cobra pliers standFor starters, one of Knipex’s most famous pliers is the Cobra pliers, functionally these are equivalent to water pump pliers. For a good brand of water pumps, most people tend to go with Channellocks, a good brand, but in some ways it has some areas to improve. This author pointed out several ways in which Cobras work better than Channellocks and other similar pliers. The main features that put it ahead of Channellocks were that they were thinner and lighter, more ergonomic and had a spring action for one handed use. Knipex Cobra pliers were found to be better than other water pumps in that they were more durable and harder to damage and they were also found to have a stronger grip. In short, the Cobra pliers were easier to use and took more abuse than other brands. Business Insider also rated the Cobras as the best adjustable pliers. If you want to see the Cobra grip in action, this video is for you, the grip of a Cobra pliers is so strong you can stand on it (don’t try this at home). Given that they are smaller and lighter yet more durable, this is one reason to consider Knipex over another brand.

Knipex Pliers wrenchThe Knipex pliers wrench is another tool that at least one person has found no substitute for. One of the things that makes the pliers wrench unique is that it grips like a pliers but it doesn’t have the sharp teeth so it won’t damage most surfaces it’s gripping. It can also be used as a makeshift press if needed. The pliers wrench also has a compound leverage jaw which gives it the ability to use a lot of pressure and it has a push button which makes adjustments easy, something few if any other brands feature. Lastly, this tool packs the value of two tools into one by doing the same job as water pump pliers and an adjustable wrench. Add to that the fact that Knipex is a high quality, durable tool and that makes it worth the investment worth it. What’s a better deal than buying a great quality tool? Buying one such tool that does the job of two.

These are just a couple of examples of why Knipex tools are worth the investment. First, they’re high quality, durable tools that take more abuse than other brands. Knipex tools also do the jobs of multiple other tools while at the same time doing what they conventionally should. Knipex also adds great features to make them easier to use. All things that add value to a given tool. But as much as we like Knipex pliers, it might be better to see what actual Knipex tool users are saying. If you’ve never used a Knipex and you’re in the market to replace some tools or build a new tool box, try some Knipex tools. You might be able to get one tool to the job of several.

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