Are Wera Tools Worth it? Wera Tools' Added Value

Wera Lasertip High quality tools are a passion here at Haus of Tools and one of the tool brands we’ve been passionate about is Wera Tools. We’ve touched on Wera in the past, but there’s still a lot that can be said about them. One of the best things that can be said is that they have some surprisingly unique innovations to various tools and their tools have a very strong, yet very light feel to them. Unfortunately with Wera’s name for quality, there is also sometimes a cost for that. The saying goes “buy nice or buy twice,” but does buying nice have to cost THAT much? Perhaps a better question to ask is, what value do you get for investing that much into your tools? What do Wera Tools bring to the table that justifies the increased cost over other tools? Are Wera Tools really worth it?

When it comes to looking at what sets Wera Tools apart from other brands, it’s important to think about what are tools for to begin with? Obviously, a tool is to help you do your work better and more efficiently. It should also ideally make your life easier. As a toolmaker, Wera has come up with a few improvements to a number of tools that definitely make the use of tools much easier. From screwdrivers to wrenches to ratchets, Wera has made some underrated changes to standard tool fare and in making tools easier to use, they have added a fair amount of value to what they make.

Wera Kraftform handle contours handOne of the things that Wera is known for is making tools that are ergonomic. Wera’s Kraftform handle, initially developed for their screwdriver in 1968, has since been added to a number of their other tools. This change was so groundbreaking for Wera that the design appears in their logo. By making a handle that contours the human hand, Wera screwdrivers support the muscles of the hand making it easier to drive screws in and this of course reduces fatigue and injury. Speaking of screwdrivers, another innovation Wera has added is Lasertip technology. Essentially the Lasertip prevents cam out and also ensures a little extra grip of the screw for a more snug fit. When compared to a standard screwdriver, Wera’s ergonomic handle and Lasertips make using a screwdriver that much easier and even around the house that can make a huge difference even if you don’t use tools a lot. If you do use tools a lot, these developments are even more valuable saving you time at work and making the job easier. Once you use a Kraftform screwdriver you'll see the difference.

Wera Joker WrenchAnother tool that Wera has improved is the wrench. It’s hard to imagine doing anything different with the wrench, but Wera’s Joker Wrenches have added some interesting features. The Joker was said to be named after the Joker in cards which supposedly increases one’s chances to win, although Batman would probably disagree with that. The Joker Wrench does give you some advantages, though. Firstly the open end of the wrench has a stop plate which adds an extra surface for stabilizing the fastener you’re working on. One of the most frustrating things when working on a fastener is having it slip out of the tool and the Joker gets rid of that frustration with that stop plate and with the double hex at the open end. On the closed end you have a 30 degree return angle with a really smooth function which equates to faster turning and a fine toothed ratcheting box end for a stronger grip. Joker Wrenches are also described as really light which is a good feature when you’re holding it above your head for long periods. Despite this lightness though, Joker Wrenches feel incredibly solid.

Wera Zyklop at workThe ratchet is a tool that has been with us for a long time, and this too can be frustrating to use, sometimes the ratcheting function turns the bolt back instead of ratcheting, sometimes you have to use it at a really weird angle. Wera’s Zyklop Ratchet has solved a lot of problems you didn’t even realize the regular ratchet had. In cases where the ratchet doesn’t work right and you’re just moving the tool back and forth, you can just flip the head of the Zyklop and use it similarly to how you would a screwdriver. You can also move the head of the Zyklop to different angles, something no other ratchet does. Another thing no other ratchet does is turn and return the ratchet function with a 5 degree return angle. They can do this because the Zyklop has more teeth on the gears, 72 in total meaning that it does more work with less effort. The Zyklop comes in a number of styles, including a small set, the Wera 8100 SA A.

With these small innovations to common tools, Wera has definitely added value to the tools they make as these features make the tools easier to use and more efficient. Whether for home use, hobby use or use at work, the features they’ve added have solved common problems with tool use that most people just suck up and ignore. They’ve made screwdrivers, ratchets and wrenches easier to turn, they’ve made these tools have a stronger and more secure grip and the handle they’ve created means your hand won’t get sore while you’re working. Any time the tool holds what you’re working on instead of slipping or helps you turn in a smaller space at a weird angle, that’s an improvement. As if these features that make life easier weren’t enough, Wera also warranties their tools for defects in materials and workmanship for the normal life of the tool. It probably won’t break in normal use, and if it does, Wera’s got you covered.

Wera is one of our favorite brands here at Haus of Tools, and these are just a few reasons why!

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