Are Wiha Tools Under Warranty? – Wiha’s No Hassle Guarantee

There’s nothing worse than getting a tool, then using it only to have it break right away. This is especially painful if you’ve invested in a high quality (and probably high dollar) tool. As good as certain tool brands, like Wiha, are, they sometimes still fall victim to the imperfections that occasionally pop up. As good as these high quality tools are they aren’t perfect. In the past, with Craftsman, one could take the tool into a Sears and swap it on the spot no questions asked, but those days are long gone. So what do we do now?

Wiha No hassle guaranteeIn the case of Wiha, Wiha’s tools are incredibly high quality. German engineered and often German made, made of the best possible materials. Everything possible has been done to ensure that a Wiha tool is going to be one that lasts. Ah, but if one breaks, Wiha’s “No Hassle Guarantee” comes into play.

What is Wiha’s No Hassle Guarantee?

broken pliersBasically Wiha’s tools are of such a high quality and Wiha believes in the engineering and materials that go into making their tools so much, they believe that should the tools break in normal use they will replace the tool. Part of the condition of this warranty is that the defect has to be due to the materials or workmanship, and the tool is covered for as long as you own it. Within the first year, however, Wiha allows you to return the tool with proof of purchase if you aren’t happy with it. So finally, “I just didn’t like it” is a valid reason to return it to Wiha.

This also means that abuse, misuse and normal wear and tear aren’t covered, and rightly so. We’ve seen a lot of tools returned to us that were damaged due to clear misuse or abuse and those wouldn’t and shouldn’t be covered. Afterall, the tool is only designed to be used within certain conditions and breaking a screwdriver as a crowbar isn’t something that should warrant replacement if it breaks. Over-torqueing a precision driver, cutting a live wire with a non-insulated tool, dropping the tool and so on would be other reasons Wiha might not allow this replacement. Same thing goes for consumables like bits and certain ceramic tools simply because they wear easily by design or the materials they are made of.

wiha torque handleWiha’s warranty also covers their torque tools. Their torque handles have a calibration life of 5,000 cycles or one year, whichever is first. This basically means that the torque handle is guaranteed to be within calibration specifications for that length of time, and if it isn’t, they’ll replace the tool.

While there are some limitations, Wiha is willing to stand behind the tools they make, because the tools they make are built to last. When one of their tools breaks, they need to know if it was due to materials or design so that they can fix it and prevent it from happening again. Wiha’s warranty protects you as a consumer and replaces your broken tool, but also helps Wiha take a critical look at their materials and methods to improve them if needed. If you’re looking to get a high quality tool, give Wiha tools a try and see if their quality will get your job done.

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