A Japanese Tradition - Introducing Vessel Tools

Vessel screwdriver types

Here at Haus of Tools you all know that we have a huge love of quality tools from around the world – so you can imagine how excited we are to announce that we’re carrying Vessel Tools one of the leading toolmakers in Japan! Starting in 1916, Vessel became the first high volume screwdriver manufacturer in Japan and has since grown to an international presence thanks to their dedication to quality. By the 1930s, the name “Vessel” was being inscribed on all of their tools as a token of their quality. Over the many years until today, Vessel has changed to meet the needs of their end users and has driven innovation as a result giving you a ton of options for your tool box and each one is going to be a tool you can trust. Take a look at what else they bring to the table!

Vessel’s philosophy since their start has been to strive for a “singleness of purpose” and that purpose is to bring high quality tools, useful innovations, fair prices and of course customer satisfaction with every tool they make. When you use a Vessel tool, you’ll see and feel that difference. Vessel makes their tools from durable materials such as high-quality tool steel and handles made of cutting-edge resins and plastics to ensure a long service life.

Vessel tools striking cap

With that groundwork for their tools, Vessel tools can easily add some bells and whistles without sacrificing quality. Since screwdrivers are their primary claim to fame, Vessel has put a lot of work into driving innovation for this otherwise commonplace tool. The standard style screwdrivers lead the way with a comfortably shaped handle for standard screwdrivers, each one featuring handles with ideal firmness and softness to reduce strain during use. In addition to conventional drivers, they also make heavy duty drivers with striking cap and spring shock absorption, stubby, insulated, precision and ergonomic ball handled screwdrivers giving you more options for the best fit. They also have revamped their screwdriver design under the name “Megadora” which features non-slip mesh, enhanced cushioning and a hexagonal shape for a more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use handle. Lastly, Vessel has a very compact and comfortable to hold T-handle that’s perfect for use in tight spaces.

Vessel Tools Sockets

While screwdrivers might be Vessel’s “bread and butter,” figuratively speaking of course, that hasn’t stopped them from venturing off into making other hand tools. Vessel’s quality workmanship extends to these other types of tools. You’ll find hex wrench singles or in sets with a ball end for tricky positions or stripped fasteners. In addition to the hex keys, there’s also ratchets and socket sets. The socket sets come in ¼” drive, 3/8” drive and one set with both. All of the ratchets and socket sets are further examples of the quality you can expect from Vessel. The last area Vessel has expanded their reach into is with several other styles of tools. Vessel produces wire strippers, hammers and mallets, and quite a fair number of bits.

With their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, Vessel is a company that truly cares about their customers and the quality of the tools they make ensuring that they’re a brand worth carrying in your toolbox!

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