Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Huge Year End Tool Deals!

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is here! It’s here right now, and Cyber Monday is just around the corner. But to get some of the best Black Friday deals, you don’t (or didn’t) have to go out into the cold or brave the depraved berserker hordes of other shoppers to get them. That’s because a lot of stores have gotten wise, and many in-person Black Friday sales aren’t that great anymore. Internet Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday often hold more and better deals. Proving that, here at Haus of Tools we have some crazy deals on some of the world’s best tools for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Wera Color coded precision setFor a limited time, Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can get some Wera tools at insanely low prices. Save anywhere from 30% - 48% on select Wera tools during this limited time! Starting off, you can grab the Wera 05030181001 205/6 Electronics Precision Screwdriver set for $42.99! This set features a storage piece, commonly used sizes and it’s a perfect set for jewelers, model makers, electronics technicians and more. Next up, for the dedicated precision screwdriver user, the Wera 05134000001 25 piece set is probably one of the best buys for tools you can get. This set features a canvas roll bag and 25 color-coded precision screwdrivers. Wera Color coded precision set 2For a Wera set, this is a steal at $135.99. Next up at 42% off, is the Wera 05022669001 9 piece color coded hex key set. This set of hex keys are wear resistant and made of stainless steel which prevents rust. The ballpoint drive also makes removing fasteners that much easier allowing you to turn at an angle. Last up, probably the best deal you’ll see on a Wera tool for a while is the Wera 05056491001 39 piece set. This set is a great buy at almost half off as it comes with Wera’s Kraftform Plus handle, Rapidaptor bit holder, and a convenient storage piece. At $69.99 getting this set will set you up for a lot of jobs at a low price. Wera Tools are extremely well made, feel good to use, feel solid and look really cool to boot. You can’t go wrong with one or all of these.

These deals on Wera tools only last until the end of Cyber Monday, so if you want ‘em, you better come and get ‘em!

If, by some stroke of fate and Google searching you find this blog AFTER Cyber Monday 2019, don’t worry, you’re not too late. Unless it’s 2020. Then you’re too late. But from now, Black Friday 2019 through the end of the year of 2019 you can grab some Wiha stocking stuffers for loved ones, or even for yourself!

wiha color coded nut driver setRecently off of backorder from the manufacturer is the much coveted Wiha 70486 color coded magnetic nut setters! This has been one of our most asked for Wiha Tools, so we’re glad that it’s available! Normally priced at around $50, you can grab a set for $29.99! They’re in stock and going fast, so don’t miss out! Another great buy is going to be handy for any home. If you’re tired of having to find the right screwdriver for any job, the Wiha 77790 is a 26-in-1 bit set, so just grab this screwdriver, and odds are that one of the bits will work. For insulated tools, there’s a couple of unique deals. First off is the Wiha 28397 which is a precision PicoFinish handle with three insulated blades. This set is under $20 so if you need a small insulated tool with some adaptability, this is a great buy. Wiha’s 32088 8 piece insulated precision set is marked down a whopping 45% and features common Phillips and Slotted sizes. At just under $40 you probably won’t find these any cheaper. Insulated tools are usually a bit pricey, but with this sale you can come out ahead.

Wiha insulated precision driver setThere are a couple of one-piece sales to take note of, followed by sets that are a little more for your money. Grab these year end deals on Wiha Tools like: Wiha 32620 angle cutters, Wiha 61620 foldable ruler, Wiha 38801 T-Handle with dual drive, and the Wiha 32619 pliers and wrench. The last couple of Wiha deals comes first with the Wiha 79499 which is a slotted/Phillips/Torx bit set with a ratchet and compact storage case. This one is a great buy at 40% off, definitely a good stocking stuffer. wiha ratchet and bit setThe last Wiha deal worth looking at is the Wiha 32644 which is a set of six screwdrivers that comes with a SuperCut pliers. At just under $50, this set is another great buy! These would even be great for any layman who needs tools at home, or even a great way to get a jump on Father’s Day or a graduation present for later in the year.

These Wiha deals are only good through the end of the year, so if you have a tool-lover in the family or just need to replace some Wiha Tools, this is the time to do it! These are commonly used tools for the most part, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

If you’re a fan of Wera or Wiha tools, these deals are definitely a great value and they’re not deals we see very often. Tools never go bad either, so these are things you can pick up now at a great price and hold onto for gifts later in the year which will help you avoid a last minute splurge on an unexpected gift exchange. Take advantage of these Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Year End deals to build up your tool collection and stock up for any other occasion!

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