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Estwing Tools is the perfect brand for all Tool Junkies. Hailing from a time when rags to riches stories were seemingly commonplace with a little hard work. Estwing Tools got its start in the basement of Swedish-born Ernest Estwing who sought to create the best hand tools available. Fueled by this passion for quality, Estwing's enterprise flourished, and now, after a century of hard work, Estwing Tools stands synonymous with resilience, precision, and superior craftsmanship. No matter where you are in your quest for high quality tools, Estwing offers an extensive selection to support you in the workplace, out in the field or in your garage.


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Each and every Estwing tool is made from premium materials using the most reliable methods of manufacturing available. With this mindset, you can depend on Estwing’s unwavering longevity and dependability in each of their tools. This, along with Estwing’s “Made in the USA” mindset ensure that they personally oversee the quality of all tools that leave their loading dock. Whenever you use an Estwing hammer, axe, pry bar, or one of their unique specialty tools like rock picks, you can trust that their workmanship distinguishes them from other brands.

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Beyond their commitment to durability, Estwing also prioritizes functionality, comfort, and user-friendliness through their exceptional ergonomic designs. Each Estwing tool boasts a well-balanced weight, shock absorption capabilities, and comfortable grips, transforming tough jobs into something more tolerable. After all, comfort on the job translates to enhanced productivity and longevity. With Estwing's ergonomic design, you'll accomplish more tasks effortlessly—just don't let your boss catch on.

With more than a century of all of these elements working together you can trust an Estwing tool to be there to get your job done and in a way that reduces strain on your body. You’ll find hammers tailored to linesmen, bricklayers, and metalworkers, alongside hatchets, geologist tools, prybars and more. If you need a specialized tool for striking, picking, or chopping, chances are Estwing has it.

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