First Anniversary Celebration at Haus of Tools

Hello to all Tool Junkies!

We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary here at Haus of Tools, and it’s all thanks to you, our customers!

Knipex nippers

We started this site last year because we had observed for a long time that there was a huge demand for high quality tools in seemingly stark contrast to the apparent popularity of cheap tool vendors like Harbor Freight and the cheap brands available at big box stores like Home Depot. There’s a popular adage online, “buy nice or buy twice,” and that is especially true when it comes to tools. Why buy five or 10 of a given tool for cheap when you could spend the same amount of money to buy one quality tool that you may never have to replace? Of course, this mindset is something we’ve taken to heart. When Haus of Tools launched, we started out on the idea that we would only the BEST tools available and as we’ve chosen to add brands to the site, we’ve ensured that they have a reputation for high quality and workmanship, in short – we want to sell tools that you can rely on to do your jobs and potentially even pass on to the next generation.

Gedore haus of tools

When we launched, we started out by primarily carrying many excellent German brands like Felo, Gedore, Knipex, Ochsenkopf, Steinel, Wera, Wiha and Witte and have since added Hazet, Rennsteig and Stahlwille. German tools and craftmanship have long been regarded as having a high benchmark of quality and these brands in particular were brands we’ve personally handled and been impressed by. Some of these brands even have a strong reputation in the auto and aerospace industry making them perfect for the tool aficionado. We also had a strong focus on American made tools like Bondhus, CLC Work Gear, Ideal Tools, Klein Tools, Pelican Products, and Platinum Tools. We’ve since added American brands Greenlee Tools and Heritage Cutlery (now owned by Klein. While our focus has thus far been on tools made in the USA and in Germany, we do plan to add more great brands in the future. Regardless of where they’re made, we’ll be looking at the quality and reputation of the tools and their ability to be tools that can be relied upon so rest assured, any brand that you buy from Haus of Tools will meet rigorous quality standards and be highly regarded in terms of quality.

In addition to focusing on the quality of the tools we’re selling, in the past year we’ve also had some incredible growth on social media and connecting with you, our customers. We have a page on Facebook, and also publish blogs on this site as well as a lot of photos on Instagram and videos to Youtube – the latter two of course actually let you see the tools up close and sometimes in use. We believe that this is not only a way to stand out, it allows you to see the benefits of a given tool in action for yourself.

Greenlee Wire stripper

All of our photos and videos are expertly done by our resident Tool Junkie, Robert. Robert’s been working with tools since he bought his first car at 16 and needed tools to restore it to glory. In addition to working on cars, Robert got into working on homes which got him into woodworking and electrical work all of which required more tools. Robert’s expertise makes him the perfect choice to showcase our best tools with competence and helps us connect with you, our fellow Tool Junkies.

Over the past year you’ve helped us become a success and we hope to continue to grow with you as we find more quality tools and expand our catalogs. As we bring more brands to you, our Tool Junkies, we’ll be showcasing them online. With the new year, we’ll be bringing new brands, new tools and new sales to help you get the best prices on the world’s best tools.

Thanks a lot Tool Junkies, and we hope to have more exciting tool news in the new year!

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