Gedore Tools Red Series

Gedore Red Torque drivers

Everyone knows that Gedore Tools has a solid reputation for first class tools with an incredibly high level of precision and because of this they are often a go-to brand for many professionals and Tool Junkies who need reliable tools for day-to-day work and jobs that pop up in general. If you’ve always wanted a chance to check this brand out, but didn’t quite want to make such a substantial commitment, this is your chance – we’re now carrying the full line of Gedore Tools’ Red Series!

Gedore Red is in essence a way to take the high quality and 100+ years of tool making experience that everyone knows to expect from a Gedore tool, but they make it accessible to the average person with a lower price point. In effect, it’s replacing Gedore’s Carolus sub-brand which is great news because they’ll be clearly marked with the Gedore brand. Despite not being made in Germany, Gedore still holds the Red line to the same rigorous quality standards that they measure their main line against.

Gedore Red Toolset

To ensure this series lives up to the Gedore name, each tool is made from tough CVM tool steel and made with a high degree of precision you won’t find in other brands. This precision machining will ensure no slipping, cam out or wear preserving both your tool and the fastener you’re working on.

On the other end of the tool, Gedore designs the handle of each tool with ergonomic comfort in mind. This means you’ll be able to use these tools on the job for long periods with a minimum of discomfort. Furthermore, each handle is designed to enhance your grip to prevent slipping when used with wet or oily hands.

In terms of variety, Red has you covered there too. You’ll find pretty much every tool you’re ever going to need. From screwdrivers to socket sets, files, wrenches, pliers, hex keys, hammers, impact tools, chisels, trolleys, toolboxes and many, many more. With all of these options you can easily build out your tool chest!

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