Greenlee High Voltage and Low Voltage Test Equipment

Greenle clamp meter

Now that we’re carrying the entire catalog of Greenlee Tools, one of the categories you’ll want to check out is Greenlee’s electrical test equipment. Greenlee groups their test equipment into two overarching categories, high voltage and low voltage. The high voltage products are geared towards managing and delivering power in a safe and efficient way, think getting power from the electrical grid to a building. Greenlee’s low voltage equipment is of course designed for the duties of a standard electrician and is meant to be used in standard low voltage environments like a home or office. Both types of equipment are trusted by industrial professionals for accurate testing, reliability and durability. They’re tools you can trust to get the job done and to keep you safe when used correctly.

Greenlee’s low voltage test equipment encompasses A LOT of products consisting of voltage and continuity, multimeters, clamp meters, circuit testing & tracing, cable length meters, insulation testing, HVAC measurement, lighting maintenance, motor diagnostic & protection, test instrument, accessories, and ground resistance testers. Most if not all of these would be standard equipment for an electrician or a handyman who occasionally needs to tackle some electrical work or work regularly as an electrician. A couple highlights from the low voltage equipment include non-contact testers like the TR13 which allows voltage detection from 50V all the way up to 1000V and gives an alert when voltage is present. Other tools worth checking out are Greenlee’s selection of multimeters and clamp meters which allow you to perform more extensive tests.

greenlee tester

Other tools in the low voltage group, namely:  testing & tracing, cable length meters, insulation testers and ground resistance testers are used for basic maintenance, diagnostic and troubleshooting and can help ensure that your cables and wiring stay in top shape. Cable length meters measure the length of insulated copper and aluminum conductors on a spool as well as the resistance values. Greenlee’s insulation testers help diagnose leakage, and faulty/damaged insulation which are critical to ensuring safety. Using these diagnostic tools will help prevent hazards such as risk of shock/fire, blown circuits and arcing. Greenlee’s diagnostic tools will be a great resource in any toolkit.

Greenlee’s low voltage equipment will help you perform all the troubleshooting and diagnostics that you’ll need to in your work as an electrician, home inspector or general handyman. With Greenlee you’ll be getting test equipment that will give you accurate readings you can trust.

Greenlee’s high voltage tools and test equipment also include a lot of sub-categories like utility meters, voltage detectors, cable & insulation testers, transformer & capacitor testers, specialty instruments and capacitor controls. This range of high voltage test equipment, depending on the equipment, features clear and easy to read test results, the ability to test from a distance or without making contact, test for faults, the presence of voltage and many more features. This high voltage test equipment helps provide reliable test results and helps ensure the safety of linemen and those working in the power delivery field.

Greenlee multimeter

Some highlights from the Greenlee High Voltage tools include Greenlee’s transformer testers and their capacitor testers which allow quick testing for faults and the condition of the piece being tested. The FireFly fuse tool voltage detectors provide the function of three tools in one: voltage detector, fuse puller and spotlight. They also provide audible and visual alerts when voltage is detected. Probably one of the coolest high voltage tools is the personal voltage detector. When you get close to high voltage it can be dangerous or cause obvious visual effects without even physical contact. There are even dangers from hidden voltage that this detector will help you avoid on the job. Greenlee’s personal voltage detectors provide an excellent layer of safety by giving an alert when near electric fields or energized equipment and this alarm becomes more obvious the closer one gets to the voltage. If you work as a lineman, you probably already know that Greenlee’s tools are a must have in your toolbox.

Whether you’re looking for high voltage or low voltage tools and diagnostic equipment Greenlee Tools are some of the best available and when you’re working with something as dangerous as electricity you want tools that are high quality and that you can trust your life with. If you need Greenlee Tools stop on by to Haus of Tools and grab some high quality electrical test equipment.

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