Hammertime! An Introduction to OSCA Hammers and More!

Established all the way back in 1969, Italian toolmaker Officine di Cortenova di Ossola Candido E C. SNC (better known as OSCA Tools) is the latest addition to our catalog of tools tailored to Tool Junkies and professionals alike. OSCA had its start with a strong focus on quality and producing all of their tools domestically in Italy. With that mindset, what started as a family business has grown into a toolmaking powerhouse that can be found all over the world. Take a look at what makes this brand special!

OSCA Hammer forges

The primary focus of OSCA’s tool production by a large margin is hammers, however, within that specialized niche there’s something for just about every job. OSCA’s selection of hammers includes standard hammers, carpenter hammers, mason hammers, club hammers, sledge hammers, Nibbio hammers, EVO hammers (and EVO hammers with anti-rebound), and copper/aluminum hammers. As if that wasn’t enough to choose from, they also produce a variety of other tools such as axes, hatchets, pickaxes, chisels, and case openers (crowbars, etc.), along with spare handles if needed. In short, there’s something they make that you probably need.

OSCA HAmmers ready to go

While their selection of hammers and other tools is certainly impressive, what makes them stand out from the crowd is their intense dedication to producing high quality tools – and they do this in several ways. The first link in that chain is that they manufacture all of their tools domestically in Italy. By doing this they are able to take control of the quality on a day-to-day basis and take corrective action immediately should a problem arise. Furthermore, OSCA ensures that only the highest quality materials like C45 induction hardened steel are used in production of all steel tools and copper tools are made from double work-hardened copper with a Brinell hardness of 80/100, and aluminum alloys also feature 80/100 on the Brinnell hardness scale. The wood components come from durable woods like ash or hickory meaning they can take, and give, a pounding without worrying about splitting handles. Whichever tool you get from the factories of OSCA it’s going to stand up to the toughest jobs you can throw it at because of their dedication and passion to producing quality workmanship.

If you’re looking for a brand that personally oversees the quality of each tool they produce, OSCA is the brand for you! With a history rooted in family values and a commitment to manufacturing domestically in Italy, OSCA has earned their place in toolboxes worldwide. What truly sets OSCA apart is their unwavering focus on quality, using only the best materials and processes, OSCA tools are built to withstand the most demanding tasks. By choosing OSCA, you can trust that you're getting exceptional workmanship that will surpass your expectations!


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