Hazet Automotive Tools - A History of Excellence

Hazet Tools was founded in Remscheid, Germany in 1868 and by 1874 they had grown from a small forge run by the smith, Hermann Zerver, to a larger forge that was eventually run by 17 employees and four apprentices that produced train/trim for doors, ball bearings for lawnmowers and locks for night stands. Hazet has long since grown beyond even that in their 150 year history to become one of the most widely recognized tool manufacturers in the world, especially for automotive concerns.

first car bought by Hazet for researchHazet’s history with making automotive tools is a long one, they’ve been at it for more than a century. Starting in 1913, Hazet purchased their first automobile to familiarize themselves with automotive needs and to make tools for that purpose. While this car was a very early model, it was quite modern compared to the first automobile that had been made 28 years previously. The car had been around long enough at this point that it was clear it was not the novelty it was originally thought to be, but instead a serious machine that mankind would latch onto. Naturally, since the automobile was here to stay, it made sense to start making tools for them and Hazet was one of the first to tailor tools to automotive needs.

Hazet's VW ToolkitFrom that early beginning, Hazet’s reputation for automotive tools is somewhat lost to history, however, their reputation for quality and cars must have grown considerably because by the 1950’s, Hazet was a big enough name that they were the sole producer of toolkits included with Volkswagen Beetles and Porsche 356’s. The toolkit featured a unique round shape so it could be easily placed in the spare tire of each vehicle. The toolkits added or changed pieces over the years and surprisingly these vintage toolkits can go for hundreds or thousands of dollars online if they’re in good shape.

IHazet Trolleyn addition to proprietary tool kits, Hazet has been known to sell every conceivable automotive tool on the planet. From bumping mallets to pneumatic tools, they make it. If you just need basic parts for oil changes, they make oil pans and strap wrenches. Specialty maintenance? There’s spark plug and brake caliper brushes, even special tools like the Hazet 4650-3 for battery plugs. Hazet is also well-known for their assistant trolley which collapses and expands as needed to store and transport tools and acts as a tray. The list of automotive tools made by Hazet is practically limitless. 

Hazet not only makes every automotive tool imaginable, but they also make a quality product that they stand behind with a decent warranty. The warranty is fairly standard as far as tool companies go, basically guaranteeing the product to be free from defects in workmanship or materials, with reasonable limitations of course. Hazet’s dedication to quality helped them become the official supplier of Porsche Motorsport in 1996 and led to their winning an award for the best brand in the “Tool” and “Pneumatic Screwdrivers” categories from Werkstatt Aktuell Magazine four times in a row. Such recognition is not easily obtained.

Hazet Tools have been used in automotive almost since the beginning of cars and their commitment to excellence in their tool production reflects. Their dedication to quality has been recognized and because of this recognition you can know that when you buy a Hazet tool it will be good quality. We’re proud to carry Hazet here at Haus of Tools!

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