Klein Heritage Scissors - High Quality Scissors for Fabric Work

Every trade needs special tools and here at Haus of Tools we typically focus on tools for the obvious trades that need tough hardware like electricians, plumbers, construction and more. But one of the overlooked trades that needs special tools is that of tailors, seamstresses, quilters and generally anyone like hobbyists and cosplayers that work with fabric and textiles. Most of those tools are special things related to sewing, however one must cut the fabrics and threads before sewing them. To get the best cut, you need the best scissors and cutting tools, luckily Klein’s Heritage Cutlery is up to that challenge. Handcrafted and hand inspected, Klein’s Heritage scissors are an investment worth making.

Klein Heritage 435 Tailor Scissor

One of the first scissors worth looking at is the Heritage 435 tailor point scissor which feature a 56 – 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale. The Rockwell scale basically measures how hard something is by how much the diamond testing cone indents into the object being tested. The tailor scissors are not only hard, they feature sharp pointed blades with extra-sharp blade surfaces for cutting fabric. The tailor scissors are 5 ½” long with a 2-inch blade length for cutting. These scissors are an excellent tool in any tailor’s tool kit. For further cutting of fabric, like for quilting, Heritage makes a couple of different quilting scissors. Heritage’s VP39 feature ergonomic handles that are extra large making them easy to use. Quilters also give high praise to the Heritage VP7 action rag quilting snips using them for multiple quilts without the need for sharpening. Lastly, if you’re going to be working with thicker fabrics, or doing a lot of fabric cutting, the Heritage utility shears are a great option being that they are often used for upholstery.

Heritage VP51A

Other scissors for making larger garments are available as well. Heritage VP49 premium sewing scissors are a great, all-purpose scissor perfect for fabric and is exceptional for use in hard to reach areas. The VP4 premium dressmaker shears are drop forged and feature an a 3 ½ inch cut length and ergonomic handles. The VP2 are a similar model. The last scissor for dressmaking or cutting large fabric is the Heritage VP22 razor sharp dressmaker scissor is overall a similar scissor but features metal handles.

For smaller jobs, Heritage makes quite a variety of scissors for just that purpose. One of the more popular models is the VP51A which uses a spring to make using them easier on your hands. This model is the same as the VP51, but it also features a sheath for safety and comes with a lanyard to keep your scissors from getting lost. Users have commented that this model is a high-quality scissor that gets into tight areas and they are very easy on people that have arthritis. Other popular heritage scissors marketed as being for embroidery are the VP26, VP45, and the VP1. For your smaller jobs focused mainly on thread cutting and snipping, these are the perfect scissors to choose from.

Klein Heritage Thread clips

For other scissors dedicated to thread clipping and smaller cutting, there’s Heritage’s thread clips. Also referred to as thread snips, thread clips are perfect for sewing, yarn work, and a variety of less intensive crafting. Smaller than conventional scissors, you can use these with your fingers and with a lot less effort than normal scissors. Many models feature spring action making opening and closing a snap. If you’re not familiar with this tool, you can check out some common uses here. Popular thread clips are Heritage’s HTC-5, 704 Lightweight, VP33, and VP38. This variety in thread clips gives you a good range of choices to find the best tool for your work. You can also find small scissors for cutting and undoing threadwork and seams if you made a mistake or need to cannibalize a garment for other projects. The Heritage Cutlery 112 seam ripper is the most dedicated, but you can also use the VP25 seam ripper scissors, or one of the two hooked end scissors (VP50 & 440A) which can also help you retrieve a thread while you’re working.

If you do a lot of work with fabric and textiles as a tailor, quilter, cosplayer or one of a number of other similar trades, Heritage scissors and shears are the perfect solution for those jobs. Klein’s Heritage Cutlery is hand made and hand inspected from excellent materials ensuring that your scissors will last for a long time. Heritage has been making scissors for nearly 70 years and that expertise comes into play when making these scissors. Grab some today! 

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