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Klein Tools Cooling TowelSummer is here and it’s already a hot one in more ways than one, but there’s at least one way you can beat the heat. If you need to do yard work, work construction or do any other thing outside where the hot sun will roast you alive you can cool yourself down with Klein Cooling Towels. These cooling towels are made with revolutionary cooling technology and can stay cool and keep you cool for a few hours at a stretch. Basically, just get them wet, wring them out and shake it then put it on your head or around your neck. You’ll cool down in no time. But even though these cooling products work more or less the same way, there are a lot of choices to suit a variety of needs and it might behoove you to get more than one and use them all at once depending how hot it gets.

Klein Tools Cooling bandThe special fabric, in most cases PVA - Polyvinyl Acetate – is a super absorbent material that retains water for extended periods which means it feels cools for long periods. To reactivate the towel once it stops cooling, you just get it wet again, squeeze it out and wave it around! It’s that easy, and once it’s wrung out, provided it isn’t soaked with water, the towel feels mostly dry even with the small amounts of water it retains to provide cooling. Depending on the model, it can feel up to 30 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Klein CoolingProbably the most affordable way to get the most for your money is to go with the 2-pack of Klein Tools Cooling Towels which come in blue or you can grab the mesh cooling 2-pack that comes in different shades of green. You can get single cooling towels in blue or gray. The cooling towels are usually worn around the neck and will keep you cool while you take on construction projects or any other outdoor activity. You can also tie the cooling towel into a makeshift do-rag if you want.

Quite a bit more versatile than the towel is the Klein Tools neck and face cooling band. This works in the same manner as the towels, but has the added benefit of anti-odor properties as well as UPF 50+ protection which adds protection from UV rays to the ability to cool you down. It also gives you quite a variety of ways to wear the band to maximize coolness where you need it. You can wear it as a do-rag, neck wrap, headband, head cover under a hardhat and of course as a face mask. With all of these options it looks like the ultimate in cooling attire.

Klein tools Cooling do-ragProbably the most important area to keep cool though is your head and there are number of options that work great, even with a hardhat. Probably the best choice, especially if you don’t have a lot of hair to increase your head size, is the helmet liner or the do-rag 2-pack. The helmet liner cools 30 degrees below your body temperature and helps keep sweat contained for up to 2 hours. The do-rag has an absorbent band and is comfortable when worn under hats and helmets and can be worn alone if desired. If your head has more hair on it or you want your helmet to be worn more freely, you can snap up a 2-pack of headbands or a cooling bandana.

These Klein Tools cooling products are a new and innovative way to keep yourself cool in the hot summer months at work and at play. When you compare the cost of discomfort in the heat as well as the more serious ailments of heat stroke and dehydration, these cooling products are an affordable way to keep yourself healthy, safe and cool in the hot summer months. Grab one or two of these cooling products today!

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