Klein Tool Bucket Work Center

Klein Tools Bucket Work Center Rail System

For all you linesmen out there, when you go to work in your bucket, that’s your office and every office, no matter if it’s on the ground or high up in the air needs to help you get your job done. That’s where Klein’s Bucket Center comes in – with Klein’s Bucket Center you can store all the tools you need up in the air so they’re ready to go when you need them.

The key takeaway for the bucket center is that you can customize your 1-man, 1.5-man and 2-man bucket thanks to the different wall mounted rail systems that are tailor-made for each of the aforementioned bucket sizes. The backbone of this system is of course the rail system which comes designed for 1-man, 1.5-man and 2-man bucket systems. Virtually every piece of the bucket system can be mounted to one of the rails allowing you completely customization of your lineman’s office.

Klein Tools Bucket Work Center Cloth Apron

With the rail system you can store virtually any tool you need. Starting with either a durable cloth apron or the hard tool storage module you can have a virtual tool box at your fingertips. The hard module has an added bonus, there’s 18 total compartments for your tools and some feature rubber flaps which keep your tools in place. In addition to that, there’s also the magnetic storage module, socket storage module, utility bar module, bar storage, and auger bit module. With these modules, you store sockets, drill augers and virtually anything else of use.

Klein Tools Bucket Work Center Hard Tool Caddy

In addition to the rail system, you can also mount most of the same storage units directly onto the side of the bucket via 2-inch or 3-inch S-clips. This includes the cloth apron, the hard module, auger module, bar storage, and socket module. Whether you choose to use S-hooks or mount directly to the side of the bucket customization is the name of the game.

As you can see, Klein’s Bucket Center sets you up for success in your linesman bucket or if you’re a bit craftier you could mount some of these to a wall in your workshop or to the interior of a work van. The power is yours!

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