Klein Tools American Legacy Collection

It’s been mentioned before, but Klein Tools is practically an archetype for the American “rags to riches” success story. German immigrant, Matthias Klein was in the right place at the right time and most importantly, doing the right job. A lineman came into Klein’s tool forge to replace the broken half of his lineman’s pliers, so Klein made a new piece to replace the broken/missing piece. Shortly thereafter, the lineman came back to replace the other side of the tool and thus the first Klein Tools linesman pliers was made. From there, Klein became one of the most trusted toolmakers for linesman pliers, then other tools and the rest as they say, is history.

Since then, Klein has continued to build on that reputation for quality and American manufacturing by continuing to make superior tools and in most cases, make them in America. To celebrate more than 160 years of American manufacturing tradition Klein has created the American Legacy collection. Over four months, Klein has been releasing one new tool in the collection. They launched the collection on July 4, 2021 with the tool that started it all – a linesman pliers. In August they released a 2-pack of canvas pouches. September saw the release of an 8” inch diagonal cutting pliers and October they’ll wrap it all up with a 2-piece screwdriver set. These are each limited edition so if you’re a tool collector they’ll look great in any collection and if you want to use them, well they’re probably going to be among the best made Klein tools as they showcase their tools to potential newcomers. Each tool also prominently features an American flag in addition to patriotic American colors. And of course, they’re all made in America.

Breaking it down some, here’s what’s special about each tool in this collection.

American Legacy Lineman pliers

The American Legacy 9-inch lineman’s pliers (D2139NERWB) features blue and white handles and an American flag laser embossed on the business end of the pliers. In terms of function, they have a high leverage design with the rivet placed closer to the cutting edge which gives almost 50% more power when working. They’re also hardened for extra durability and extended life. These may already be sold out, but if we get more we’ll let you know!

The second piece in the collection to be released was the American Legacy zipper bags (55777RWB) which is a 2-pack of Klein’s durable No. 10 canvas bags. Each pack includes one red and one blue bag each with an American flag sewn onto the corner. You can see them being made in Fort Smith, Arkansas here. These canvas bags are heavy duty bags for carrying accessories and tools and zip up tight with a sturdy brass zipper.

Klein American legacy canvas pouch

Next up was the 8-inch diagonal cutting pliers (D2288RWB) which feature red and white handles, which helps you differentiate between the blue-handled linesman pliers. The American flag is emblazoned on one of the handles near the tip of the tool for consistency with the rest of the collection and you can see them made in America here. Like the lineman pliers, these cutters have a high leverage design granting a full 36% more cutting power than other designs and they have hardened edges for extended work life. Both this and the lineman pliers feature a hot riveted joint to keep your tool wobble-free.

Klein American Legacy diagonal cutters

The last piece in the American Legacy collection isn’t out yet, but starting in October you’ll be able to grab the American Legacy screwdriver set (85442RWB). This set features a Phillips and a slotted screwdriver. With a screwdriver it’s understandably a little harder to put an American flag anywhere, so the handle of the tool is clear red plastic with a blue rubber handle and a white end cap that says “U.S.A.” Once this is available, we’ll have more info on this on the listing and will most likely mention it in our weekly newsletter, so subscribe now!  

Klein’s American Legacy collection has very limited availability and what we have is going fast so be sure to grab yours now. They make great tools for your home workshop or even better, great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Celebrate American made tools!

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