Klein Tools Canvas Bags

Original Klein Tool Bag by R H BuhrkeWhen you have a lot of tools and you have to move them from place to place you need convenient and durable storage to transport them. You of course have a lot of options these days including tool boxes and tool bags. Tool boxes generally are meant to be less stationary given that they typically hold large quantities of tools. Tool boxes also enjoy an advantage over bags in that they are more durable and also protect your tools to an extent. That being said, there are advantages to tool bags, mainly that they are more portable and some can be used to help organize your tools within a tool chest. You can even get tool bags that are pretty durable to make up for their disadvantage to toolboxes. So in a situation where you need your tools portable or just want to organize a toolbox with grab and go pouches, you might want to look at some tool bags, especially those made by Klein Tools.

classic Klein cnavas bag catalogKlein Tools has been making bags since at least 1968, when they bought the R. H. Buhrke Company. R. H. Buhrke was known for their heavy duty canvas and leather bags for not only just tools, but sporting equipment as well. Online, you can find R. H. Buhrke golf bags made as far back as 1917 and ads for tool bags back as far as the 20’s. It’s unclear when exactly Buhrke started as a company and whether or not Klein made their own bags prior to this, however when Klein took their products on, as you can see in photos, they continued making the bags in pretty much the same manner as Buhrke. A number of Klein’s canvas tool bags (the 5102 series in particular) today resemble the old Buhrke design with almost no change in appearance, although leather bottoms have been replaced with high quality vinyl and support pegs to prevent scratching. Klein makes the claim that their canvas bags are a tradition of heritage and craftsmanship and they appear to have stood by that claim all these years by continuing to make these bags of the same canvas as in years past.  

assortment of Klein canvas bagsMost, if not all of the canvas bags made by Klein Tools are manufactured in the USA, with global components. Most of the canvas bags use a no. 4, no.8 or no. 10 canvas, what this basically means is that the lower the number, in this case 4, (but as low as 1) the thicker the canvas is. The quality of the canvas seems to have stayed the same, though not much information about that is readily available. As far as the leather bottoms, Klein does still make some bags with that material, however they have since expanded to different materials such as vinyl and the more durable polypropylene in certain cases for the bottoms.

Klein Tools 5140Klein not only makes those traditional style bags, they make many other varieties as well. We’ve found that Klein’s 5140 and 5141 canvas zipper bags to be quite popular – they’re one of our best sellers. Many use these bags to organize sockets, SAE and metric wrenches, hex keys and more. Others use them to organize small computer components like flash drives. They can be used to store small groups of tools like that and kept in your larger tool box when not in use, then, when you need them, just grab the color bag that you need. A similar bag in just plain no. 10 canvas is the 5139. If you want a bag like this, but a tad larger, the 5539NAT bag would work and you can also grab it in different colors.

Klein canvas bag on a job siteWhile all of Klein’s canvas bags are useful, some other unique canvas bags that will be of use include the 5416 (or the 5416TC which closes at the top) bull-pin and bolt bag, the 5106 (and 5106S) straight wall bucket, and the Klein 5125 tool pouch. These bags offer unique ways to store things on your tool belt or wherever needed on a job site.

The canvas bags made by Klein Tools are made of durable canvas and with the same mindset for quality that the bags of the past were made. They use high quality canvas that’s durable and will stand up to the demands of transporting tools to and fro. If you need a tough bag for work, these are the way to go.

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