Klein Tools Clamping Work Light

Klein 560029 Clamping light

Having good lighting is not only useful, it’s often critical for safety or ensuring quality work. Getting adequate lighting on the jobsite isn’t always that easy or affordable. Sure, you can get all manner of floor lamps, but those don’t always get the right angle and you also need a long enough extension cord which can create hazards and headaches of their own, and even head lamps have limited value in certain situations. Thankfully, there’s a new solution to bring light wherever you need it, whenever you need it, Klein Tools 56029 Clamping Worklight. This light is loaded with features making it value packed for its price and best of all, it’s bright and gives you incredible control over where the light shines. It’s also rated to survive a 10-foot fall as well, though probably and hopefully you won’t need that.

At first glance this is a normal, if chunky-looking flashlight, but with almost no effort you can unlock the secrets of this light. At the most basic level you can use it as a normal flashlight. As a flashlight, it has two levels of brightness, low power and high power. At low power the light shines at 125 lumens for a run time of 10 hours or on high at 250 lumens for 8 hours. In either case the light reduces shadows by projecting directly in front of you. When not powered on, and assuming it’s been in strong enough light for long enough, the head of the light glows in the dark making it easy to find in the dark. Of course, that’s just the start of what this light can do.

CKlein 56029 clamping

This flashlight expands its usefulness literally with the push of a button. By pressing the orange button on the handle, the body of the light separates and you have one of two ways to use it. First, the clamps at the end of the flashlight can be easily swiveled to function as a stand. Once configured as a stand, it can be placed wherever it’s convenient to get the light you need. More useful, though is the ability to clamp this light virtually anywhere. Most commonly, the clamp can be secured onto your ladder, but there’s really no limit to where it can be secured so long as the clamp is wide enough to grasp. Some suggested grab holds are:  conduit, ladders, shelving, rafters, pipes, parts of your car, work tables, wall studs and many more. We’d love to see where you’ve clamped this light, so share some photos of your clamping suggestions in your reviews of this product!

Klein 56029 clamping light conduit

Of course, in both modes, the head of the flashlight, in addition to glowing, can be swiveled 360-degrees and pivoted to 90-degrees. This means once your light is clamped and secured, it can be moved and positioned just about any way to get light where you need it. This pivoting and swiveling is somewhat limited if the light is being used to stand free. In standing mode you get the head pointing in a limited direction, though you can still swivel it and angle it as needed. This mode is basically forcing the light to act as a standing work light. It’s clear that ideally this light is meant to be used as a clamping light and that’s where it provides the most benefit.

Klein’s Clamping Work Light is a great tool to add to your work gear. It can be positioned in just about any way and clamped to just about anything you can imagine allowing you to get light shined directly on your work area. We also have this flashlight at an incredibly competitive price making it easier to get you one – or more – lights to help you get the job done.

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