Klein Tools Insulated Blade Set

Insulated tools are something that if you need, you don’t want to cheap out and buy something low quality. This is also a situation where just a rubber glove or some electrical tape on a normal tool isn’t the right answer either. There are many, many options for high quality insulated tools, one of these is the new Klein Tools 32288 which is an 8-in-1 insulated screwdriver set. This set comes with some really cool features making it competitive with other brands.

Klein 32288 To start, Klein’s insulated tools have always been on the forefront of safety and features, including a double layer of insulation for added protection and to make damage to the insulating material obvious through the use of bright colors inside. Klein’s insulated material is flame retardant and impact resistant in addition to protecting against electrical hazards. Klein’s insulated tools are made with injection molding which ensures that the entire tool receives a consistent amount of insulating material. You can see how this process works in concept with this video by ITL Tools. This tool is quite different than normal insulated tools as it’s a handle with interchangeable blades, however, this version of insulated tool is made with the same care and attention as Klein’s other tools as evidenced by its 1,000 volt insulation rating that meets or exceeds ASTM F1505 standards for insulated tools.

Klein 32288 Insulated fits in tight spacesWhat the 32288 brings to the table are a few unique features. Firstly, the blades insert into the handle as you would expect, however to release the blade, all you need to do is twist the lock collar near the blade. This feature is reminiscent of Wera’s Rapidaptor, in that a quick and easy action releases the blade easily and could conceivably be done with one hand. The handle also features a cushion grip which allows for greater torque when turning. The blades also have a slim tip which allows them to work in tight spots – a clear advantage over other brands. The blades that the 32288 comes with include two #2 Phillips, two ¼ inch slotted, one #1 Phillips, one #2 square and one 3/16 slotted driver. Two of these blades are single sided long blades while the other three are shorter double sided blades. If you need replacements of these for any reason, you can use Klein 13156 and Klein 13157 blades with this tool.

Klein Tools 32288 insulated setStorage for this set is also made easy with the canvas pouch that the 32288 comes with. The pouch folds up and has pieces that cover the blades protecting them from damage during transit and from falling out, although they’re secured quite well. The set as a whole fits easily in any tool bag making it a light and compact way to carry around eight different common insulated tips without carrying around ten pounds worth of tools.

Klein’s 32288 is the newest insulated tool made by Klein and it’s been made with features to make it convenient, easy and above all else – safe – to use. It’s everything you would expect from a Klein tool in terms of safety with the 1,000 volt certification. It also adds innovative features like a quick release and double sided insulated blades. This tool is an affordable way to get the latest insulated tool from Klein and it’s priced incredibly competitively making it one of the cheapest ways to get several common insulated tools at a great price. This tool is a great addition to any tool collection.

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