Klein Tools Modular Tool Box

Modbox large inside

We all know that one can never have enough tools, but with that mindset comes the fact that we just so happen to need someplace to store all those tools. There are, of course, many ways to store and transport our tools, but why not check out this new series hot off the production line? Now in stock – the Modular Tool Box System courtesy of Klein Tools!

Also known as the MODbox, the Modular Tool Box system is a series of several different size storage containers with various ways of transporting them. Whichever one you like and end up using, we think you’ll be pleased at how durable, spacious and mobile they each are because this means you can get more tools where you need them when you need them.

Klein Tools modbox small component

Starting with the big boy, the MODbox rolling toolbox (54802MB) has quite a few features to make it worth your time. First, there’s solid rubber wheels with a 10-inch diameter mean that they can get you through some rough terrain and they can take the abuse that this entails. Transportation is also aided by the rugged and retractable handle that can also be removed completely. Once loaded, the large MODbox can carry up to a total of 250-pounds!

But wait, there’s more! The MODbox system also features two other toolboxes – medium (54803MB) and small (54804MB) which you can hold up to 100-pounds and 50-pounds respectively. These two boxes can be stacked upon one another and then on top of the large unit making the entire system 100% customizable.

Each of the three toolboxes is made from impact resistant polymers and are rated IP65 to ensure the maximum protection of your tools.

Klein Tools Modbox system

The MODbox system is quite a bit more than a few stackable tool bins, though. Each bin comes equipped with built-in rails that allows you to attach one of several different storage attachments. These components include:  a Tool Carrier Rail Attachment (54814MB) which features customizable divider elements and a steel piece for magnetic tools. There’s also a Parts Bin (54815MB), Magnetic Strip (54819MB), Multi-Hook Rails (54816MB) which helps secure cords, outerwear, hard hats and more. Finally, there’s Internal Rails (54818MB) designed for the interior of the medium and roller boxes to further help organizing. Saving the best for last, you can also attach a Cup Holder (54817MB) to keep the “Go-Go Juice” (aka coffee) handy.

As if all of those pieces weren’t enough to get you started, the MODbox system also contains an Electrician’s Backpack (62201MB) with 32 pockets for storage and also features a hard pocket for eyewear as well as a spot for loose parts. There’s also a Tool Tote (62202MB), a Tool Bag (62203MB), and lastly, a 17-quart Cooler (62204MB - coming soon!) which not only holds your food but can serve as a seat for someone 300 pounds or less.

If you need more tool storage or a better way to lug your tools to a jobsite, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

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