Klein Tools PowerHub 1

One of the keys to success on any jobsite is having the light you need to see properly and the power that you need to make sure your devices are powered or charging while you work. If there’s no readily available power close by to facilitate that, you also need something that can help that’s easily portable. Thankfully, Klein Tools has the solution – The PowerHub 1!

Klein’s PowerHub can power and charge all of your devices and also provides storage for your stuff as well.

Klein PowerHub features

The first thing you’ll notice about the PowerHub is that it’s going to take up very little floorspace. Designed with a vertical profile, you can easily put it in a corner or isolated spot without worrying about tripping over it. In addition to saving space on the floor with its configuration, you can also keep a lot of what you’re powering off of the floor too with one of the onboard storage racks. The PowerHub features three storage shelves for holding your charging cell phones or other devices. In addition to that, each of the side-mounted handles can double as a rack for your hard hat or a convenient loop for your power cords (up to 50-feet) to keep them out of the way.

Powerhub powers fans, batteries and more

The raison d’etre of this tool though is to provide power to your collection of tools. Most useful perhaps are the three integrated GFCI protected outlets in compliance with OSHA regulation 1926.404(b)(1) when it’s properly connected and tested and this will, of course, protect your tools from power surges. With these GFCI outlets you can either power devices as you use them or just set it in the corner to charge your batteries while you work on something else or with something else. In addition to those outlets, you can also charge your smart phones and other devices with one of the four USB chargers – two USB-A and two USB-C. Between all of these different power sources, you’ll have enough power sources to get the juice you need on the job.

Powerhub cord winding

While all of those features are great and one of the best reasons to own at least one PowerHub, the last thing you’ll be glad to find is an elevated 5,000 lumen LED work light! This work light can be angled anywhere from 15 to 75-degrees to point it exactly where you need it and you can light the darkest workspace with it.

With the Klein Tools PowerHub you can run a fully powered worksite with plenty of light.

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