Knipex TwinGrip Pliers

Twingrip Closeup

We love innovative toolmakers. Any time they can take a longstanding essential tool and find a way to make it better with a small tweak or slight redesign, it’s always a good thing. And that’s exactly what Knipex has done with the TwinGrip Pliers. Knipex has put their 139 years of pliers manufacturing experience to work and found yet another way to make pliers better.

Pliers in general have undergone many changes since their inception and just when you thought there was nothing else to change, Knipex proves everyone wrong. The TwinGrip Pliers have been designed with three features making this tool stand apart from others of its kind and even from other Knipex pliers.

Knipex Twingrip features
  • The first and most important addition is that of the front gripping area which was specially designed to accommodate fasteners that are rounded or even stripped. It also allows you to grip fasteners from a completely new angle which can come in handy. Especially in tight spots.
  • The second improvement is that the side gripping jaws have been given opposing teeth to allow greater force to be applied. Again, helpful with stripped fasteners. The teeth have also been designed to not only have recesses for gripping round, square or hex fasteners, but there are also three parallel points of contact which allow you to grip flat objects without putting great pressure on the back part closest to the jaws.
  • The last addition, not a new feature but helpful nonetheless, is that of a push button slip joint capable of sliding to five positions allowing gripping diameter from 5/32” (4mm) – 7/8” (22mm). The TwinGrip also features a box-joint design which stabilizes the tool and increases its lifespan.
Knipex Twingrip flat grip

In addition to these cool new features, Knipex maintains their longtime standards and other reliable features. Firstly, the TwinGrip Pliers are forged for maximum strength from chrome vanadium electric steel and then oil hardened for maximum hardness. Oil hardening is used to quench the hot piece of steel and bring it back to room temperature. Oil is often used over water because the oil allows the heat to dissipate more slowly and gives the metal ample time to adjust to the temperature, do it too quickly (like with water) and the steel can become brittle and weak if not done properly. 

The Knipex TwinGrip are available in two different styles, the first being with standard, texture dipped handles and the second being multi-component handles which appear to be a little more substantial and comfortable to use. The handles on both styles feature a pinch guard to help protect your fingers should they wander into the action area.

Knipex's new TwinGrip pliers bring some new features to the table while retaining the most important attributes of a normal pliers, as such it can easily replace a set of standard or slip-joint pliers in any toolbox. Knipex has proven themselves yet again with this new take on an old classic, check it out because you're bound to love the Knipex TwinGrip!

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