Kroil - Excellence in a Can

Kroil is respected in the automotive industry, with its name prominently displayed in car shops across the world. The company is renowned for its superior car care products, which major corporations such as Ford and Boeing depend upon. Their fame is well-earned and we at Haus of Tools are thrilled to announce that this legendary car oil brand will be joining our catalogue.

Kroil was founded over 80 years ago and has remained on the cutting edge of penetrating oils ever since. The secret to their success is a proprietary formula, which sets them apart from the competition. Kerosene and mineral oil can only get you so far. Kroil’s mixture is expertly crafted for the job at hand and offers superior results.

The company has long prided itself in being affordable, which can be clearly seen in how they price their staple products. The KL081 is an industrial-strength penetrating oil that seeps into the tightest spaces to breakdown rust and restore metal parts. It has a wide range of applications with long-lasting results. This solution itself is a classic that was perfected decades ago. In that time, it has found its way into workshops and toolkits for people in all sorts of industries.

The SK162 is just as celebrated. It’s a powerful lubricant capable of loosening the most stubborn bolts and rigid gears. This enduring solution is resistant to evaporation and doesn’t stiffen over time, keeping the applicated areas exceptionally smooth while protecting them from corrosion. Just like Kroil’s other products, it’s known for its versatility and unbeatable performance.

Kroil is simply the best at what it does, and their longevity is proof enough. Whether you are disassembling an engine or removing the squeak from a door hinge, their products offer unmatched quality.

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