Now Carrying Pyramex Safety Products!

For all of you Tool Junkies out there, you know that we’re all fanatics about high quality tools and brands and because of this, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s a new brand on our site – Pyramex! You might be asking yourself “What is Pyramex?” in short, since 1991 they’ve been one of the most trusted names in personal protective equipment (PPE)! With Pyramex, you’re sure to find something that you can use on the job for protecting your eyes, ears, head and more so take a look at what makes Pyramex a perfect brand for Tool Junkies!

To start off, all of us should be using protective eyewear and that’s a great place to start looking at Pyramex. Pyramex makes everything from standard glasses style safety glasses to goggles and to more stylish varieties with various colored lenses to enhance visibility. Each style of glasses can potentially protect against various levels of UV radiation and various hazards depending on the model and select models feature anti-fog as well. Depending on your needs, you’ll find a pair of glasses that will protect you on the job.

Pyramex Hard hat

In addition to protecting your eyes, protecting your head is another important piece of the PPE puzzle – and Pyramex can help solve it. The selection of hard hats available is actually quite overwhelming, but you will be able to find them in a multitude of colors as well as in cap style or full brim and you can also add cooling pads or get hard hats with shade for your neck. Each style of hard hat has unique features and advantages so be sure to check them all out. Be sure to also ensure whether or not a given helmet is compliant with the industry safety standards for your job.

Beyond those two popular types of PPE, you can also find hearing protection available in a variety different colors and levels of hearing protection. Styles also include traditional over-the-head models as well as behind-the-head models as well. Lastly, over the ear models also include electronic styles capable of connecting to audio devices via Bluetooth or reducing harmful noises while enhancing non-harmful sounds like talking. Beyond these models, Pyramex also makes multiple styles of disposable in-ear models. Whichever method you use to protect your ears, Pyramex has some great options to keep your ears comfortable and safe.

Pyramex High visibility

Finally, within our Pyramex catalog you’ll find high-visibility workwear to ensure safety in dark or environs that are less than ideally well-lit. While this section primarily consists of jackets, coats and vests, you’ll also find pants, overalls, hats and more. Most of these high-visibility products come in a bright yellow, but there are also some available in orange as well as darker colors with bright and reflective piping. Regardless of your preference, there’s something you can wear to increase your visibility and improve safety.

With this huge variety of PPE products, you’ll find something you can use with Pyramex. If you’re on the job you’ll find eyewear, hearing protection, hard hats, or high visibility clothes that will increase your safety and peace of mind as you work.

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