Occidental Leather - American Made Tool Storage!

Here at Haus of Tools we take pride in the tools we sell because we strive to sell only the absolute best tools in the world. It stands to reason then that when it comes to finding something to hold and carry your tools in, we would also want to make sure those are superior as well. Some of our favorite toolmakers also make tool bags and belts which we carry, however, there’s nothing wrong with expanding that selection. Especially when it’s a quality brand that’s handcrafted in the USA. That’s why we’re really excited to highlight the newest addition to our tool chest, one of the finest tool storage transport manufacturers ever – Occidental Leather!

Occidental tool belt

Occidental got its start in Sonoma County, California all the way back in 1980 – that’s 40 years ago – and many of the artisans have been working at Occidental for 20 years! That’s half of the company’s lifetime! This level of experience combined with folks who take pride in their work has led to Occidental more or less establishing the industry standard for quality tool bags, belts, vests and more. Dedicated to the utmost quality, Occidental offers a generous two-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, and in a rare move, they offer a lifetime repair program for stitches and rivets should those come undone. Given how well they’re made, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to avail yourself of the repair program.

Occidental tool vest

In addition to quality craftsmanship and American manufacturing, something that sets Occidental apart is that they design their products according to what hand is most likely reaching for which tool. This organic approach to tool placement removes the guesswork from looking for a tool when you need it. While this process is most often based on right-handed users, they also offer variations for lefties also usually differentiated by adding an “LH” to the end of a part number and they’re basically a mirror image of the standard model. The hand specific design is based on the trade that the specific belt, bag or vest is designed for and dictates where the tool bag or fastener bag goes. This means that the tool storage you buy is going to be designed specifically to make that job easier for you.

How many tool storage products can say that?

With this foundation of quality, Occidental creates many options for your needs on the job site. The most commonly sought-after Occidental product is of course their tool belts. They have several types of belt for multiple types of jobs such as:  electrician, drywall installer, framers and finishers. There are also accessory bags for the belts that follow the same sort of logic and allows full customization of your setup. Regardless of profession, one can find a belt with the right combination of pouches and bags to do the job and if you don’t like it as it is, you have some wiggle room for customization.

Occidental suspendavest

If you’re not a fan of toolbelts, there’s options for that too because, Occidental makes tool vests as well and your shoulders now bear the load that otherwise would have been born by your belt. The vests are tailored to specific jobs too like the belts and can also be customized with bags and pouches as well. The option to use vests is often for efficiency, comfort, and climate, but it also depends a lot on individual preference. Options are always a good thing. Another variation of the tool vest is the SuspendaVest which – as you might expect – serves as suspenders and a vest combined and it’s just one more option on the list if you prefer something other than a belt.  

With a strong focus on unparalleled quality and maximum efficiency for tool users, Occidental leather has a tool belt or vest solution for you and your tools. Across their 40-year history, Occidental has set the standard for quality and will continue to do so for hopefully many more decades to come!

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