Snickers Workwear - Smart and Tough Work Clothes

Snickers workwear over the years

Way back in 1975, an angry Swedish/Finnish electrician walked off the job because the gear he needed for work just was not good enough. It’s a sentiment we can all relate to. The source of his ire was the fact that as a worker, he felt that his clothing didn’t meet even the basic needs and standards to be useful on the job, especially in light of the fact that clothing for workers hadn’t even tried to keep up with the improvements in machines and methods for working. He saw this as his ticket to make clothes that improve the strength and freedom of movement while also making sure they were fit for the harsh working conditions in the Nordic realm of Scandinavia. This mindset of continuous improvement to match improved technology has helped Snickers stay relevant for more than 40 years.

Snicker workwear in extreme conditions

Over the decades, Snickers has kept the end user in mind when coming up with designs for new workwear thus ensuring that the lives of workmen are made safer, easier and more productive. With this mindset, Snickers doesn’t just make workwear, they’re constantly inventing workwear. This concept of inventing workwear clearly illustrates Snickers’ innate curiosity and constant search for solutions to make the jobs of working folk easier and more comfortable with innovative work clothing. Their unique approach also makes use of ISO standards to ensure quality, reduce costs and more. With Snickers, you’ll find the right balance between safety, function, comfort/ergonomics, shape, size, material and sustainability – a win for everybody.

With that foundation firmly in place, you’ll want to check out the gear that Snickers actually makes so you can see exactly how it will make your life easier. At present we’re carrying select Snickers Workwear products, but check back in the event that we add more. Currently, you’ll find several styles of workwear pants, kneepads, jackets, short and long sleeve tops, tool vests and finally headwear.

Snickers Workwear mobility

Zooming in on a couple of those highlights, you’ll see why and how Snickers can help you out on the job. First, their tool vest brings you the convenience of a toolbelt while shifting that weight to your torso and being easier to reach. The tool vest also features more than a few pockets for small tools and fasteners, reinforced with Cordura nylon for more durability. In addition to the pockets, there is a moderately-sized belt with a holster on either side for slightly larger tools.

As far as the workpants, you’ll find several styles available such as loose fit work trousers, canvas work pants, full stretch trousers, work trousers with holster pockets, and insulated trousers. Each of these unique styles of workpants includes a number of pockets for all of your storage needs and some even feature reflective markers on them for working in low light environments. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a style of workpants that will bring comfort, protection and most importantly, functionality to whatever job you’re going to work on.  

With a variety of workwear for any environment and a mindset towards quality and utility for the end user, Snickers Workwear is the brand for any Tool Junkie. Come grab some great gear invented by an industry leader in work wear!

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