Tool Advent Calendars for 2020!

Probably one of the few bright points of the year 2020 will be when it ends, but just before that happens, we have another bright point to look forward to. CHRISTMAS! And what better way to countdown the days to Christmas than with one of this year’s Advent Calendars full of tools? While they aren’t as tasty as chocolate, they will last longer. For the second year in a row, we’re carrying the new Advent Calendars for Hazet, and Wera tools but we’re also adding Stahlwille to mix too. Like previous years, supply is limited, so get them while you can! And of course, although Advent Calendars started as a Christmas tradition, you can easily adapt it to any other holidays that you might want to celebrate too.

wera advent calendar 2020 pieces

Each Advent Calendar has unique tools not available outside of the set and the toolsets are something of a bargain to get all of the included tools and storage case for the price point. Plus, you get a nice display piece with the calendar and the experience of child-like wonder in opening each day’s tool. It’s probably safe to assume that each set gives you the case on the first day to make storage of your new tool pieces over the weeks preceding Christmas easy and convenient. This year’s tools are definitely an attractive gift and they’re gifts that will keep giving all the way until Christmas and even long after. Each of our listings for the calendars give you a good break down of everything that’s included if you want specifics. Plus, who doesn’t like getting a new piece of a toolkit every day?

Starting off, the Wera 2020 Advent Calendar is in stock and ready to ship. It also has a completely different toolset than last year’s and it looks like Santa has traded in his sleigh and last year’s snowmobile for Wera’s signature hot air balloon – and I don’t blame him – though it will make delivering all the toys in one night a bit harder. The 2020 Wera Advent Calendar avoids repeating last year’s calendar too much by throwing in a unique-to-this-set stubby screwdriver with built in bit storage and focuses more on sockets this year, whereas the 2019 set focused on a T-handled Rapidaptor and screwdriver style bits. This year you also get a stubby handled bottle opener which is the only bottle opener in this set. You can also still grab the 2019 Wera Advent Calendar (limited supply available) if the included tools in that set work better for you. It doesn’t have a year clearly displayed so it will work just as easily.  

Hazet advent calendar 2020 unboxed

The Hazet 2020 Advent Calendar has their trademark blue clad Santa getting his retro VW Camper and reindeer ready for Christmas Eve ready to bring tools to all the good Tool Junkies. This year’s calendar comes with the same style of carrying case, but they’ve sort of traded last year’s focus on sockets for more of a focus on bits and hex keys. They’ve also swapped the ratchet out for a bottle opener. The staple of this year’s set is still their bit-holding screwdriver handle; however, this year’s bits are the short variety. The big draw to the Hazet calendar over all the others though is the fact that each one comes with a gift card that POSSIBLY could be worth up to 500 Euros at the Hazet fan shop. If you like last year’s better, you can still pick up the 2019 calendar, but as of this writing, we only have ONE left! So grab it now if you want it! Hazet is of course the official toolmaker for both Volkswagen and Porsche and is probably the first toolmaker to focus directly on cars which speaks volumes about their toolmaking ability.

Stahlwille 2020 Advent calendar 2020 unboxed

Lastly, breaking from the flatter-styled Advent Calendar we have Stahlwille’s 24-piece Advent Calendar taking the shape of a bigger box-shaped Christmas gift. Actually, it comes in the form of what looks to be a toolchest. This set includes 11 sockets and a ratchet with eight different screwdriver bits (Pozidrive and Torx) and a sturdy case, amongst other items. Instead of opening a door to each gift every day, you’ll pull a small box out of the toolchest calendar making for a unique and enjoyable experience for your Tool Junkie. While this set appears to be along the lines of the Wera set in terms of content, but at a higher price, Stahlwille is a serious toolmaker with a solid reputation in the automotive and the aerospace industry and has been in the game for 150 years bringing that experience and workmanship to this set making it a worthy investment.

All of these Advent Calendars are available but with a very limited supply, so please sure to call or email us before ordering to check stock. Each calendar is made by some of the best toolmakers in the world who not only know how to make tools with style, but they make tools that are high quality and will last for years. Make the Tool Junkie in your family’s Christmas with one of these sets and they’ll have a gift that they can use for years to come!

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