Tool Bags for Tool Rebels - Wera's 2go Tool Container

Wera 2go overview

Over the past couple of years Wera has been covertly adding hook-and-loop (think something like Velcro) patches onto the backs of most, if not all of their textile tool cases. Sets like the self-setting spanner set, and many of the Joker sets to name a couple have this feature and I’m sure you would find many more. While this was a seemingly useful feature it had no apparent official use as far as Wera went. Surprise, surprise Wera was adding that feature in anticipation of the Wera 2go system! The Wera 2go system is essentially Wera’s rebellious and innovative take on tool boxes, making them not only more aesthetically pleasing for service men (IT, copy repair, etc.) who have to work in offices, they also add a large amount of customizability to the tool storage one has to carry around. With one or two basic pieces, you can pick and choose which pieces go onto the base carrying apparatus and get a really slick way to carry your most needed tools around.

The Wera 2go system consists of a few different key pieces that you can use alone or that you can combine “Voltron-style” to make the ultimate tool carrier that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The first and most basic piece is the Wera 2go 1 which is basically a strap with two, 2-sided panel covered in hook-and-loop (often incorrectly referred to as “Velcro”) which allows you to strap on the Wera 2go 3, Wera 2go 4 or any other hook-and-loop backed tool case. You can also get a replacement strap, or an extra carrier although it may be more cost effective to just get a second 2go 1 set. Overall, the 2go 1 is a great way to carry around a few small sets for lite repairs. It’s also a great way to customize your to-go tools to get the most use out of them and carry them around easily.

wera 2go 100 insulated set

The add-ons for the 2go are pretty cool too. The previously mentioned Wera 2go 3 Tool Box is a single compartment storage case, it’s basically long enough for screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches and not anything much bigger than that, but you can fit a number of those in there. Fill it with your most used tools of that description and it’s ready to go. The Wera 2go 4 Tool quiver is another option that’s perfect for screwdrivers or tools that you need quick access to. It features a divider that allows for division into up to five sections, a solid bottom for stability and a carrying handle. You can also grab the same quiver in a set with drivers. The Wera 2go 100 is an insulated set and the Wera 2go 300 is a standard set of Kraftform drivers. While both the 2go 3 and 2go 4 can fit well attached to the 2go 1, Wera has another option that gives you even more possibilities and works better for the bigger pieces.


wera 2go2
Wera’s 2go 2 system is a much larger tool bag that enhances your tool carrying options. It’s essentially designed to allow you to carry several of the smaller 2go boxes in a practically endless variety of combinations. Both inside and outside the bag. The 2go 4 quivers fit perfectly inside and according to German Tool Reviews, this is probably the best way to transport the bulky 2go 4 tool quivers as they can be a bit bulky and unwieldy hanging from the hook-and-loops outside, especially if full. The Wera 2go 2 bag is probably the best way to transport all of the parts of the 2go system if you need more than a couple small sets. In addition to having ample space for the screwdriver quivers, there are multiple points on the outside and inside of the bag that allow you to store not only the 2go systems, but any Wera holder with compatible hook-and-loop fasteners on the back. The Wera 2go 2 especially looks like it was designed to be used instead of a toolbox in areas like an office or an Apple store - anywhere where you want to be a bit more presentable or if you’re just a Tool Rebel that loves Wera’s general aesthetic. The Wera 2go is the key to getting the most out of the 2go system if you need to carry a lot around.


Whatever combination you decide to go with and however many tools you need to carry, the Wera 2go system is a great way to completely customize your tool transportation and storage in a convenient and easy to use way. True to form, the Tool Rebels at Wera have made something as mundane as tool storage cool looking and innovative, much like they’ve done with ratchets and adjustable wrenches. Wera’s 2go system shows once again that they are continuing their tool revolution to make using tools awesome.

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