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Hey there Tool Junkies!

For those of you who are subscribed to our newsletter, you’re probably aware of our Tool of the Week sale where we feature a cool tool at a hot price and we change it up every Friday. If you missed our newsletter, you might have also seen the Tool of the Week by scrolling down a bit on our main page. We’ve been doing it for about two and a half months at this point and it’s not going away any time soon!

Our main idea behind the Tool of the Week is to showcase the coolest tools that we can find and bring them to you at a huge bargain. After all, if you can discover a new tool and get something really unique at a great price, it’s a win!

So far, the below tools have been featured in the Tool of the Week sale and it might give you an idea of what to expect in the future. And we’ll only be finding better and better tools from here forward.

A lot of the tools we’ve celebrated are awesome ways to get a few unique tools in a set or are just unique and interesting tools we wanted to showcase, like this week’s tool – Klein’s 32314 which is 14 tools in 1! We have many more exciting tools picked out for the coming weeks so be sure to subscribe to our email list and check back often!

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