Tools for Bicycle Maintenance and Repair

Wera Tool RebelEvery bicycle enthusiast knows that your bike needs regular maintenance to keep it going and it also needs occasional basic repairs. While you can use any number of tools in your collection and find the right one through trial and error, sometimes it pays to have a set of tools dedicated solely to the task of bike repair, especially if you want to bring the right tools on a ride or have them in your car for last minute adjustments and on the road repairs. Having the right, high quality toolset for your bike is the difference between an epic biking day and complete disaster. Enter Wera Tools with their new toolkits designed especially for bicyclists, Bicycle set 1 and Bicycle Set Torque 1 respectively, as well as other tools designed to keep your bike in good shape.

Bicycle Torque Set 1Each of these sets is unique enough that it’s worth having one of each. The Wera Bicycle Set 1 is designed to be a light set, small enough to be portable yet comprehensive enough contain the most common sockets and bits used in biking. And if you have some really unique fastener, you can easily swap out one piece for another to fit your unique situation. The Bicycle Set 1 is built around the Zyklop Mini 1 which features a six degree angle of return for high precision and comes with a good selection of bits common to most bikes. In addition to the Zyklop Mini, it also comes with the ¼” bit holder, a PH2 bit, two different Torx bits, and seven different hex bits. These are all housed in a tough, fabric holder that prevents the bits from falling out. All in all, it’s the perfect set to take on the road and off with your bike to make any quick adjustments on the fly. As the saying goes, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

biccle chain repairThe other bicycle toolkit Wera makes is suited more for your home work area or to keep in your car. Dubbed the “Bicycle Set Torque 1” this set is sure to have what you need for more involved repairs. This set is comes in a more substantial case which also holds bits securely. The Bicycle Set Torque 1 is a 16 piece torque wrench set with the most popular screw and socket sizes ensuring you’ll have the right tools for mountain bikes, e-bikes and road bikes. The torque wrench is easy to use with settings that are easily changed with a knob at the back. Turning a fastener with the precise amount of force has never been easier, a click sounds when the desired force is reached signifying that you can stop turning. The set also features four hex sockets, four Torx bits and seven Hex-plus bits. Great tools for an overhaul of your bike.

Wera Hex wrenches for bike repairAnother set of invaluable tools for any biker are hex wrenches. One of our most popular brands for hex wrenches are the ones made by Bondhus. We carry the full line of Bondhus hex tools making it easy to get the sizes you need for bike repairs and making assembling your bike tool kit easier than ever. In addition to standard hex tools, Bondhus’ Gorilla Grip features many different heads, including hex tools, in a foldable, army knife like handle. Bondhus’ Gorilla Grip is the perfect tool for bicyclists due to its compact folding feature. They’re also as tough as a gorilla and will likely sustain little to no damage when dropped.

bicycle brushesOne often overlooked tool for bicycle maintenance are brushes. Brushes will help you get your bike cleaned up after an eventful off-road adventure. The size and types of brushes will each clean in different ways, from small toothbrush-sized brushes for small little crannies to big brushes for large areas. Keeping your bike free of dirt will ensure a longer life, especially in small areas with moving parts like the chain and pedal areas.

Maintaining and repairing your bicycle can be done easily with high quality tools. Whether you are just looking to maintain or repair it as a causal rider or if you’re a serious road warrior or adventure cyclist, you’ll need some tools to do it. The tools we carry, namely Wera, Bondhus and more are well made with generous warranties on their tools against defects. Here at Haus of Tools we’ll have any tools you need to keep your bike going!

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