Tools of the Trade – Arborist and Forestry Tools

Arborists, lumberjacks and forestry professionals rely on many tools to assess and plan the trimming of tree branches and felling of trees. Of course once this planning has been completed, you need gear to climb up in the tree and trim or just plain chop that bugger down while on the ground. In addition to the gear for the work, you also, of course, need some safety gear too.

Klein tools pole climber and gaffSince safety should be your first priority, especially working with trees, you’ll want to load up on some common sense PPE. We sell Klein Tools hard hats and if needed these can be mounted with a Klein headlamp. Protecting your eyes and ears is easy too, Haus of Tools stocks many different kinds of safety glasses made by 3M for your eyes and 3M earplugs to block the noise of chainsaws and other equipment. Workgloves will also protect your hands while cutting or manhandling the wood to its ultimate destination. We carry many different types of gloves made by both Klein Tools and Gedore Tools. All of these are high quality, well known brands and will keep you safe while working on trees.

And don’t forget your flannel shirt.

Once you’re safely attired, you’re free to start climbing trees to trim those hard to reach high branches and you’ll need some special gear to get up there. First and foremost, you might want to invest in a tree trimming safety harness. Klein Tools makes one that is durable and also has plenty of straps. Next, you’ll probably need some tree climbers with gaffs and climber pads. The climbers have a sharp metal spike and you can buy a separate sharpening kit to make sure they keep sharp. All of these are made by Klein, ensuring high quality products backed by a generous warranty.

Ochsenkopf Rotband forestry axeAs for the actual felling of the tree, most people will elect to use a chainsaw, but if you want to change it up, or you’re just ripped and prefer to cut trees down the old fashioned way, Haus of Tools carries the full line of Ochsenkopf axes and accessories. Ochsenkopf makes many different kinds of forestry axes all of which are exceptionally high quality with tough handles and the strongest steel for the axe heads. Whether you want the standard universal forestry axe or one of Ochsenkopf’s unique Rotband axes or a smaller hatchet, you can grab it at Haus of Tools. We also carry many accessories like hookeroons, plastic and aluminum felling wedges, drawing knives, Ox Head Tongs, grindstones, pulling hooks, bark spuds and more. If you need to cut down trees or split wood, Haus of Tools has the Ochsenkopf tool to help you do it.

Here at Haus of Tools, we not only carry standard tools for jobs around the house, the garage, the construction site and more, we also carry tools for logging, forestry and arborists. Given how dangerous this work can be, we do our best to carry only the best and highest quality axes and other forestry gear. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn more!

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