Tools of the Trade - Mechanic

When you’re working as a mechanic you need a chest full of tools that are going to last. No break and buys here, just “buy-once, quality tools.” It won’t do to have a tool break in the middle of working and then have to find a replacement. It’s not like keeping a drawer full of cheap tools to repeatedly replace is sustainable or even logical. After all, space is limited so with your limited space it’s important to have tools on hand that work. That’s why Haus of Tools exists, to bring you the highest quality tools at the best prices possible.

Mechanics rely on a lot of different tools, at the highest level, mechanics use a lot of power tools to remove wheels, or gain access to different areas of the car. Pneumatic torque wrenches and impact drivers are of course the most prevalent. These tools greatly enhance the speed at which a mechanic can work. Of course you want to make sure that these tools have the right amount of torque, too little or too much will either not do the job or cause damage to the car. You’ll also want to make sure that these tools can survive the occasional drop and that they won’t wear down with use. It’s a daily use tool, get a good one.

screwdriver with hex bolsterWhen working in a tight spot, or in a situation that doesn’t need power tools, hand tools are the order of the day. There are plenty of obvious tools to grab, but there’s a few that are less obvious. For starters, your standard screwdrivers, flat head and Phillips are must haves. If possible, get some with the hex bolsters at the base of the handle to let you get extra torque by using a wrench. Wiha and Felo are two brands that have a huge selection of screwdrivers, some with bolsters, and they often sell them in a multipack. It would probably be a good idea to get a multipack so you have some of each.

You’ll also want a good selection of stuff to loosen nuts and bolts in tight spaces, because cars are full of tight spaces that power wrenches and sockets won’t fit. Tough hand wrenches are a necessity, so Gedore and Wera have some excellent wrenches that are both strong and smooth. Ratchets are great too, especially if you can one that’s flexible. While there are a lot of options, but Wera’s Zyklopp is an excellent choice with its many unique features and its low level of effort to use. Pliers and various wire cutters also come in handy. Knipex makes some of the best pliers and cutters, but American-based Klein and Ideal make some good ones too. These are all tools you’ll need on a case by case basis, but when you need one you’ll want one that you can trust.

Wiha dead blow malletThere’s a few other odds and ends that help too. Magnets will help you keep loose fasteners in one place while you work. Shop lights also help shed light in the dark under regions of the car or under the hood. A dead blow mallet is helpful for banging pieces back in after removal, or adjusting sour attitudes in the shop (not recommended actually). Wiha makes excellent dead blow mallets with replacement heads so you won’t be out of work should one sustain too much damage and break. Lastly, a multi-meter will help you test electrical issues in the car. These tools will probably be less common, but they will help you avoid many headaches.

At Haus of Tools, we carry the most common tools used by mechanics and we carry the highest quality brands from around the world. Take a look around and build your toolbox with Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Klein, Gedore, Felo and more! Sign up for the newsletter below for the latest news!  

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