Wera and Hazet Advent Calendars - Tool Sets Counting Down to Christmas!

Despite originating as a Christian tradition, the Advent Calendar is a relatively recent invention and one that has been adopted by many as part of any holiday tradition. In the 1800s, Gerhard Lang is credited with making his family’s Christmas tradition of the Advent Calendar famous in Germany after he made the first printed Advent Calendar. And because almost everyone (especially children) likes looking forward to Christmas and especially opening gifts, the idea spread quickly. They say the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys and with Wera’s twist on Advent Calendars, that’s never been more accurate. A lot of other German tool companies like Hazet have also taken the Advent Calendar and given it a really nice spin by throwing a toolset into an Advent Calendar. It’s a really cool way to get the tool-nut in your life a unique and memorable gift that will last a lifetime.

Wera Advent Calendar kitOn the first day of Wera’s Advent Calendar, you get the carrying case, probably the most important piece so you don’t lose any pieces over the next 24 days. It’s a tough canvas case with a high quality Wera logo on it. It comes with a Velcro seal and has Velcro on the back that allows you to stick and store the case wherever you can place the sticker. The case has a spot for every piece, minus the bottle openers, and it holds the pieces well. The sockets are held in secure in an especially nice way, namely that you give them a quarter turn to lock or unlock them. They’re not going ANYWHERE.

Wera advent calendar kit completeThe set also comes with seven BiTorsion bits in common sizes, a T40 Torx bit, a hex bit and a ¼” square drive adapter that’s for the included 8.0, 10 and 13MM drive sockets. The bits are all held snugly in place with a sturdy rubber material. All of these parts are then used with either the included stubby magnetic bit holder or for use with the star piece in the set – the T-Handle with a Rapidaptor release. The Rapidaptor is a great feature Wera came up with, basically allowing you to insert a bit, move the Rapidaptor and lock the bit into place. This T-Handle in this set will probably see the most action.

Rounding out the set are two pieces that don’t fit in the case, cleverly suggesting that you do your drinking when you’re DONE working as opposed to during, and these are the standard and corkscrew bottle openers using the same style handle as the tools in the set. The corkscrew comes on a T-Handle which makes it a fun showpiece when you’re opening a bottle of wine.

This is a toolset to be used, but if you’re a collector, the box art is pretty cool and would be a fun addition to the shop. It features Santa on a snowmobile sleigh full of toys for everyone, including Wera stuff for dad.

Hazet Tools Advent Calendar The Hazet Advent Calendar is a little bit of a higher end piece, but you get a few more perks with it. For starters, the calendar itself and the case both look a little sturdier. The Hazet case makes use of something akin to Stahlwille’s Tool Control System, the colored foam holding spaces reveal when a piece is missing and ensure that every piece has its place. The exterior of the case is a bit more rigid and zips closed making for secure storage.

Hazet Tools Advent Calendar kitThere’s also a bit of a difference in the tools you get. Hazet makes sure this set all fits inside the case and they’re got a few more pieces inside by the looks of it. The set includes four different ¼” Torx bits, four ¼” hex bits, two Pozidriv bits and a 220-250V voltmeter. Rounding out the set is the ¼” drive ratchet and a ¼” bit holding handle. There’s a couple other small things in there, but that’s the important stuff. Oh yeah, you also get a Hazet gift card which can be have a value UP TO 500 Euros which is how Hazet is doing their gift card giveaway that’s associated with this set.

Both of these Advent Calendars are really well done, high quality toolsets and are sure to make the countdown to Christmas exciting for the handyman in your life. We do have LIMITED SUPPLIES, so be sure to order as soon as possible!

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