Wera Tools Full Catalog is Up!

Here at Haus of Tools we’re proud to announce that we now have the entire Wera Tools catalog listed on our site! While the bulk of those listings are for individual bits, sockets, single tools and various other one-off items, there are a lot of unique hidden treasures sprinkled throughout the listings. There are of course many reasons to take a look at Wera Tools, chief among them is the solid construction yet light weight, unique design and innovative features available. Once you check out Wera Tools, you won’t regret it. Wera’s tools are more than gimmicks and pretty looking tools. Wera Tools are incredible and they’ll take a lot of abuse on the job and make your job easier in some respects. Wera’s quality and innovation makes them one of our favorite brands here at Haus of Tools.

It would be impossible to go through every item in the entire Wera catalog, but here we’ll highlight some of the most unique pieces as well as the ones that may have the most use.

Wera Kraftform handle

Probably the most famous innovation Wera has is the Kraftform handle, which first appeared in 1968, and it’s an integral part of their brand identity. So much so that their logo even incorporates it. The Kraftform design was centered around, and was essentially designed by, the contours of the human hand. The Kraftform also features soft and hard spaces which work together to allow higher torque and speed while reducing strain on your hand. The handle was so innovative and well received that this handle has been implemented into almost every tool that Wera makes.

The basic Kraftform handle is available as a bit-holding screwdriver with included Rapidaptor. Kraftform is also available in the “Kompakt” brand which, logically, is the same thing, but smaller. You can get one with bit storage (also in Imperial), insulated blade set, as well as an ESD safe stubby set. The Kraftform model also has some pistol-shaped grips like this one or in a set with other Kraftform drivers and a case here.

Wera Rapidaptor

Beyond the groundbreaking Kraftform handle, Wera has some other unique advances in toolmaking, here’s just a quick mention of a few worth checking out. First up is Wera’s T-Handle with Rapidaptor, this tool’s a great way to get a large amount of torque with little effort and it would go great with this bit set. T-Handles also have several other advantages including less strain when compared to using a screwdriver. Another great innovation Wera has made was to add color coding to hex keys making it easier to find the one you need. Each hex key is brightly colored and clearly labeled with the size taking away all of the guesswork involved in finding the size you need. Multiple styles are available. Wera’s precision screwdriver and precision nut driver sets also apply Wera’s ergonomic style to precision tools. Wera’s precision tools are every bit as light and strong as the standard sizes, and, while available singly, often come in sets or with storage options. Last but not least, Wera’s Joker Wrenches, like this set, are incredibly light, yet tough tools that feature an additional holding plate that secures the nut or bolt to prevent slipping and droppage. The Jokers also feature a ratchet end with a 30-degree return angle (80 teeth) making it easier to use in tight spots. The self-setting Joker spanner works for both Imperial and Metric and takes away all of the headaches you’ve probably encountered when using a crescent wrench by removing the adjusting screw and adding a release button.

Wera has also applied their design prowess to tools like the Zyklop ratchet, solving the headaches of using conventional ratchets. The Zyklop has a low return, again great for tight spots, as well as a swiveling head that helps you get the right angle. Zyklop ratchets are available individually or in one of several sets. You can grab one in ¼” drive, ½” drive, 3/8” drive or another in ¼” drive that comes with a secondary ratchet and no sockets. There is also the Zyklop mini which is a 10-piece set containing common bits – a great alternative to a screwdriver. Lastly, if you want a large ratchet that also doubles as an improv hammer, Wera’s Koloss is the heavy hitter you want. The Koloss is designed for loads of at least 600Nm and features a different style handle and a tool holster. Wera’s innovations to ratchets are nothing short of game changing, so even if you have ratchets already, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Wera Guitar kit

While Wera’s main attraction is their unique spin on common tools, making them easier to use, Wera also has some highly specialized toolsets. There are no less than five toolsets specifically designed for bicycle repair and maintenance, one set for guitars and one toolset designed for general maintenance. The bicycle set torque 1 is a 16 piece wrench set with torque control (2.5-25Nm) to give you complete control of the torque on your bike’s fasteners. A different, but similarly named, regular old Wera Bicycle set 1 is a 12 piece ratchet/wrench set for assembly and repairs of bicycles, bicycle set 2 is a Kraftform screwdriver with a Rapidaptor and several bits. Wera Bicycle set 3 features the Kraftform plus handle as well as bits and sockets. Bicycle set 4 is a small set of Torx and hex L-keys that feature sizes common to bicycles. That covers bikes, but one of Wera’s coolest dedicated sets, especially if you play guitar is the Kraftform Kompakt Guitar Kit which features a small Kraftform driver handle, bits, L-keys, string crank and even a couple Wera guitar picks. It’s an extremely well thought out toolkit. The Maintenance set features many of the most common sized tool bits that are used for general maintenance and comes with an insulated Kraftform blade set, a Zyklop ratchet and a Joker wrench. It’s a good all-arounder that serves as an introduction to the main facets of Wera’s main tool offerings. Each of these specialty sets are great for their specific niche and each comes with a handsome carrying case to make storing and organizing your tools that much easier.

Wera Tools has been in the business of making tools since 1936 and in that time, they have established themselves as a serious innovator making tools easier and more comfortable to use. Wera has taken common tools like ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches, hex keys, and more and redesigned them into tools that are ergonomic and much less frustrating to use. All Wera tools are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defects due to materials or workmanship, though this seems to be a rare event, if it happens at all. Here at Haus of Tools, we’re proud to carry Wera and with their full catalog up, you’ll be able to find the right tool for you or the Tool Junkie in you life.

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