What Tools Are Good for Working on Robots?

The tools needed for any given robotics project will vary greatly depending upon what exactly you’re trying to build and of course the types of robots you can build are limited pretty much by your imagination and abilities. So plan accordingly.The list of tools and materials you need can vary widely and the list of tools you’ll need will either be pretty small and conventional or really huge with a lot of specialized tools. A small DIY floor cleaning robot will make use of a lot of common tools and random hardware pieces like a soldering iron and a couple basic hand tools. This rover would take a little bit more time, tools and effort and this giant robot arm would need a high end workshop with access to industrial tools, metal and materials. With such a wide range of possibilities, what are the most common tools you should get for robotics?

making a robotThe list of supplies for making robots can be rather long and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You of course will need some “raw materials” to make the body out of. That can be as simple as cardboard or recyclable garbage, or something as cool and flexible as Polymorph. Polymorph is an excellent substance that melts easily and can be worked into any shape and re-melted as needed, it’s said to be amazing when used with a heat gun. Depending on what level of roboticist you are, you might also do well to get circuit parts and various parts that allow them to see and move about their environment. Those are the tip of the iceberg to give you an idea of what you need to get a robot, but what tools would be helpful in assembling the robot?

Basically every hand tool you can think of is going to be useful. Probably the best way to go is to get your tools in sets and combo packs. For your hand tools, good sets of hex wrenches, precision drivers, screwdrivers, drill bits, pliers, wire cutters, and tape measures. These are all tools many of us have already, and what you don’t have can be easily obtained. You can get a combination set by Klein or Ideal that has all of these in one package, you can get them all individually or you can get sets from manufacturers like Wiha that have combos of one or more pieces. Wiha is the king of combo sets. At Haus of Tools, we carry it all individually and in sets, if you need help finding the best set for the best price we’d love to help.

using tools on robot brainThere are a few other tools that would be good to have too. A good soldering iron, temperature controlled if possible, will help you solder connections together as needed. That is, if you get to that level. Another useful tool for troubleshooting and ensuring correct connection is a multimeter, there are several made by Klein Tools that are great options. There are a couple of less obvious tools that are quite handy. We carry a lot of different heat guns. Heat guns are useful for not only shrink wrapping cords and electrical connections, but you can use it to make your polymorph malleable too. These tools are all useful for specific things, but they can help you put the finishing touches on your robotic creations.

Robotics projects are one of those things that each person will need different tools and materials for, but, a lot of the stuff you would need for other projects would come in handy here too. Buying tools for your home would get you things that are useful for robots and vice versa. These are just a few of the tools that would help you with a robotics project, but whatever robot you dream up, Haus of Tools has the tools to help it succeed.

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