What Tools Does an Electrician Use and Where Can I Buy Them?

The insulation of a Klein Tool

At its most basic, the job of an electrician is essentially installing or maintaining wiring in buildings and other areas. This can vary widely of course. Electricians may also need to read blueprints, install heavy machinery, install telecom cables and much, much more. It also goes without saying that some of the duties of an electrician are dangerous and to minimize the risks of those dangers, the proper tools are needed. Whether those tools are gloves and blades that prevent accidental cuts or insulated tools to prevent electric shock, you’ll need something above and beyond a normal screwdriver. Even the list of basic tools an electrician needs can vary depending upon whether one is a union electrician or not. Klein Tools has a few ready-made kits of electrician’s tools, but sometimes they include tools that are superfluous or generally not used, or they may exclude tools that are important. A pretty comprehensive list can be found here and here so you may want to use these to completely customize a kit or just supplement an already existing pre-made kit.

Having a good mix of conventional and insulated hand tools are a good way to go because you’ll often need one or both. You won’t get far in any job, let alone working as an electrician without basic hand tools. One of the best starting points is with pliers. Electricians will need to make use of several types of pliers including linesman pliers, side cutting pliers, slip-joint pliers, and long nose/needle nose pliers. You’re basically going to be using these things for pulling fish line, crimping connectors, cutting wires and more. Knipex, Klein and Ideal are all brands known for making high quality pliers, with Klein and Ideal having a little more name brand recognition and history of use amongst electricians. Whatever brand you decide on, make sure they’re strong because you’ll get some good use out of them.

The next important tool to have at your disposable is a generous assortment of screwdrivers and nut drivers to gain access to work areas as well as work with various fasteners. Klein is again notable for having a solid assortment of nut drivers and screwdrivers used by electricians. Klein’s 10-in-1 set has some of the most common sizes that are used. Ideal’s take on these tools is pretty much in line with Klein’s whereas Wiha notable for their insulated versions of these tools which are colored in such a way that it’s obviously insulated. You’ll want to make sure you have a good assortment of standard screwdrivers and Torx drivers as well, just make sure they’re a brand you like because you’ll need to use them a lot.

Moving wires through conduit and walls as well as terminating the connection requires special tools too. You can get the fish tape in stainless steel or fiberglass. Klein’s fiberglass fish tape was specially designed to prevent the splinters and irritation known to occur with most fiberglass fish line which reduces the need to wear gloves while working with it. Klein also makes fish line that glows in the dark. Once you get that wire through the wall to it’s destination, you’ll need wirestrippers and maybe a crimper. Wire strippers are an important tool, because often times to terminate a connection you need to peel back the protective sheath to expose the wire and connect it. Ideal Tools T-Stripper product line is a very popular option for this work. Other versions made by Klein and WIha are also good options too.

Along with all these tools, you’ll need ways to carry them around. Of course Klein Tools and Ideal Tools make a good variety of bags and backpacks to transport tools to and from a work site. Ideal has a special focus not just on bigger tool bags, but carrying options for small parts like dividers. Of course, while on the job though, you’ll need a good tool belt. Klein makes those too, but we rely on a lot of tool belts made by CLC Workgear. They’ve got tough leather tool belts for a variety of needs and will help you tackle any job.

Here at Haus of Tools we have the best quality tools for you to start your career as an electrician or replace tools you’ve lost or destroyed over the years. With quality brands like Klein, Ideal, Wiha and more, you’ll be able to find the right tools to make your job easier.

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