Why Choose Wiha Tools?

Here at Haus of Tools we take pride in the quality of the tools that we sell, and that’s easy to do when we carry brands that are renowned for their quality, brands such as Wiha. Wiha is a German tool company that has been making tools for nearly 80 years and got their start in 1939 making nuts and bolts, but within a decade they had expanded to the manufacturing of screwdrivers. They continued to grow, and by 1985 they had expanded their distribution to the United States.

Throughout the decades, Wiha has continued improving the quality and features of their tools nearly to the point of perfection, and when you hold a Wiha tool in your hand, you can feel that it’s something made with care and quality materials. It’s a definite cut above what you’d find at a big box store. Wiha believes in the quality of their tools so much that they offer a “No Hassle Guarantee.

This quality is the main reason that we at Haus of Tools have decided to carry this brand. Over the years we’ve developed a strong relationship with Wiha Tools and have grown to be the largest distributor of Wiha Tools on the West Coast. What this means for you, tool enthusiast, is that we have the most items in stock out of any other seller, and we often have parts in stock that other sellers can't get. In fact, many third party sellers source their orders from us! This on hand inventory means many Wiha tools are ready to be shipped and delivered to you within 2 days. Pretty much just like an “Amazon Prime” for Wiha Tools. For any specialty tools that are not in stock, our relationship with Wiha allows us to place special orders on short notice.

Choosing to carry Wiha Tools was an easy choice for us. Their quality is known industry-wide and with our logistics you’ll be able to get high quality tools quickly and at an affordable price. We’d love to keep in touch with you about Wiha Tools, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the screen to find out more!!

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