Warranty Carhartt

Carhartt, Inc. has been dedicated to providing exceptional workwear products and customer service for over 125 years. By using premium materials and adhering to rigorous quality control standards, Carhartt ensures that each garment and accessory they make meets the highest standards with the ultimate objective being to guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase and deliver outstanding service for years to come.

While Carhartt is a solid brand with a dedication to quality, it is important to note that their generous warranty does not extend to damages resulting from normal wear and tear, including the natural deterioration of zippers and other hardware components. Additionally, misuse, neglect, or obvious abuse of the garment is not covered under Carhartt’s warranty.

If there are any inquiries regarding the warranty, please reach out to customercare@carhartt.com with the below information:

• A photograph of the item label displaying the item code

• A photograph clearly depicting the product defect

• Information detailing the circumstances surrounding the occurrence of the product defect

With this deep commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, Carhartt’s warranty will give you confidence in their workwear!