Klein Tools KARBN Hard Hat

Klein KARBN hard hat

We’ve already taken a good look at hard hats before in this blog, but we’ve got some exciting news from Klein Tools. Hot off the assembly line, we’re proud to announce the debut of Klein’s new KARBN  line of hard hats. Klein’s new KARBN  hard hat brings innovative changes for comfort and safety to the already excellent line of Klein Tools hard hats. The new KARBN hard hats feature the standard jobsite protection and meet numerous industry standards for protection against impact in the front, rear and sides of the hard hat. Beyond the standard safety features these hard hats also offer additional features for enhanced safety and comfort.

Klein Hard hat sweat bands and suspension harness

At the moment, Klein offers three separate models of KARBN hard hats, the first being Klein’s 60345  which is a Class E hard hat. Class E of course means that it protects against electrical hazards. Klein’s Class E helmets are tested for – and offer protection – from hazards up to 20,000 Volts. The 60345 comes without a headlamp, however the 60346  comes with a Klein 56048 rechargeable headlamp if you need one right off the bat. It should be noted though that the KARBN line comes ready for other models of headlamp as well. The Class E hard hats do not feature side vents as they are designed to protect against electrical hazards and if vents were present, there would be a path for electricity to follow completely negating any electrical protection. Lastly, the 60347  comes with the 56048 headlamp and vents for cooling. The 60347 is a Class C hard hat and only offers protection against impacts. Both the Class E and Class C are solid PPE made from PC/ABS composite material and meet ANSI standards as described on the product page ensuring proper impact protection. The KARBN hard hats also feature reflective stickers for enhanced visibility in dark places for additional safety. Both Class C and E hard hats also come with several slots for accessories, however, many of these have yet to be announced and released. The accessories slots will allow you to plug lamps and other accessories in without the need for straps or ties.

Klein Tools KARBN Class C hard hat

The Klein KARBN not only protects your head against impacts and other hazards, it also provides extra comfort. This is of course important because you should probably be wearing your hard hat all day. To make this happen, underneath the KARBN hardhat is Klein’s Hard Hat Suspension System which you can also buy separately for a spare or to replace the one it comes with if needed. The suspension system features an open frame design that adjusts itself to your head and can be adjusted one-handed with a knob on the pivoting ratchet system. The ratchet knob is easy to adjust even with work gloves on. The hard hat suspension system also features extra cooling via sweatbands, basically the same material and idea as Klein’s cooling gear, they can be wetted and shaken out for hours of cooling as the water slowly evaporates. The sweatband  and the top pad inside are also replaceable as well and easy to install and remove making them easy to remove for cleaning which is great news because the pads are also machine washable which will extend their life considerably. It might be worth having a few pairs of the sweatbands so you can rotate them every day for cleaning. With the easy adjusting suspension system for the right tightness and numerous cooling pads for hot days, Klein’s KARBN hard hat will ensure hours of comfort on hot days.

Klein Tools’ KARBN hard hat provides the most up to date safety standards for protection against impacts and electrical hazards (electrical hazard protection is provided by Class E only). The KARBN also provides the most up to date options for comfort as well with the adjustable suspension and cooling technology. All in all, Klein’s KARBN hard hats keep you comfortable and safe on the job!

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